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Translation from Ohno Discovery@tumblr

2014.11.27 AD - Easy come, easy go.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"Easy come, easy go."

[BGM ‘Zero-G’]

This time it’s simple. Uh, just in case, that was in English just now. This is an English phrase. It means that whatever you may simply obtain, you also may simply lose.

The pronunciation is pretty easy, huh? I think there might’ve been some who missed it, so for those who didn’t hear it just now:

'Easy come, easy go'(laughs)

This was sent in by listener Rin-chan from Ohta, Tokyo. The message reads:
"When I heard this phrase, I thought that it wouldn’t do to cut corners on anything. Satoshi-kun, have you had anything you’ve given up on recently? Or conversely, anything that you’ve had to put in effort and do thoroughly? Incidentally, I’m a student taking exams this year and I fell asleep while studying. Unconsciously, my hands stretched towards my phone. How hopeless! I’d like to become stoic like Satoshi-kun."

I’ve never really been thought of as stoic! (laughs) But well, recently I’ve just been immediately giving up on everything. Like, I might not be able to wait for things. (laughs)

For example - just an example - say I was buying something. And I wanted a particular colour. "But that colour’s out of stock. It’ll be back in stock in a couple of days."

"Ahh, then this one’s fine."
 (laughs) I’d immediately say that.

And then, when there’s a line for ramen and stuff, I definitely wouldn’t wait. I’d want to eat straightaway. I’m pretty impatient.

Same with cooking. For example, if a friend were coming over, I wouldn’t find it acceptable to wait until they got here to start preparing stuff. Rather than making it when they got here, I figure he’d be tired when he arrives…(laughs) What am I, his wife? He’s a friend, right? So I figure he’d be hungry to a certain extent and I like to just go "Here you go" when they arrive.

And then, um… On days off, I have to wake up early. It’s a waste. Sho-kun’s like that, too. He keeps a surprisingly strict schedule on days off. I’m kinda like that too, on my days off. So I’d wake up at this time and I’d be cleaning up until this time.

Same with art. I’d be drawing until a certain time. So it’d be like, I’ll be drawing today until this time."Ahh, man, crap, crap, there’s only 30 minutes left!" Despite the fact that I’ve got until a certain time to do it, like… I’d be rushing away by myself. So I guess you could say I’m stoic like that. Mm.

But well, occasionally, the days where you don’t think of anything at all are important, too. Even if it’s easy come, easy go. I think it’s not a bad thing to have it all disappear, sometimes. Mm.

If you become too stoic, you wouldn’t be able to take a breather, so there’ll be times when you explode. So occasionally, naturally, I think it’s good to have times where you do nothing at all.

So in the best sense, I think I’d better say ‘easy come, easy go’ in a manner more like me. The first time was kinda different.

Here goes.

[in a Sammy-like voice] 'Easy come, easy go'.

(laughs) That was kinda creepy. I just said ‘easy come, easy go’!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


Translation from Ohno Discovery@tumblr

2014.11.26 AD - Getting older VS getting old.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old."[1]

[BGM ‘Imaging Crazy’]

Ah, certainly. This is a quote by American comedian George Burns-san. Burns-san apparently lived to be 100 years old!

This was sent in by listener Chako-san from Saitama…

[BGM 'Happy Birthday' by Stevie Wonder]


彡(ノ^^)ノ・゚・:*:・。_┌iiii┐_。・:*:・゚ヘ(^^ヘ)彡 [Staff: Good morning!]

Uwah, here it comes! Cake? Man, I’m happy! A cake just came in!

I’m celebrating my birthday. Right, I’m blowing out the candles. Thank you!(cheers)

Thank you very much, seriously! Such love. I’m 34 years old. How fast, huh? Man, but being 34… What should I do? But well, it feels like it’s a wonderful to become 34.

Like personally, well, I’d like to do enjoyable things. Yeah. Interesting things. New things. I’d like to try that. Mm. So I don’t know what form those will take, but something, somehow… I’d like that to happen this year.

Mm. Even if it’s just to me personally, I’d like to achieve something. Yeah. Well, that’s right, I’ve received messages from lots of people. It’s kinda, for my birthday… I won’t read them all out. Well, I’ll read the names at least, in any case. I’ve received one from Minami-chan. Thank you very much for the birthday message! And then… Rihosshi-san, and Emi-chan, Nana-san, Nacchi-san… there’s still a whole lot. Man, thank you very much! I’ll read them at my own leisure.

Amongst that, the other day, I opened up for submissions to men of the same age as me. Well, we’ve received lots of messages for that too. I can’t read them all either, but well, I’ll just read one.

[BGM ‘Imaging Crazy’]

From a banker who’s my age, ahh:
"I’m always listening to Ohno-kun’s radio show while doing the ironing before I go to work."

(That’s amazing! Thank you for your hard work so early in the morning!)

"Nothing’s different from when I was still young and in my twenties, I thought, but honestly, I have no idea what young kids are talking about these days. (laughs) Speaking of which, the one who’s aiming to become the acting section manager is an Ohno-kun-like young old man. (laughs)He’s like Satou Koichi-san, talks like he’s big stuff but he also talks like the Akuma guy in 'Shinigami-kun'.”

(Oh, Suda-kun, right?)

"He’s my mutual enemy right now. There’ll still be old guys like this when we’re about 45 years old, and I’m writing this message with all my might, so please read it!"

I’ve read it!

Man, that’s amazing? A banker? That’s amazing. I rarely… well, sure, in'Shinigami-kun' there were a lot of young co-stars - there were many co-stars who were younger than me, but the one playing Akuma, Suda-kun? I often talked to him, but he feels older than me.

Probably the banker-san who’s my age is doing things a little too reliably? Mm. I mean, I could never do the ironing in the morning. It’d probably be like,"Are you okay today??" That’s how it’d turn out. Mm.

But well, I’m glad. I mean, he listens to my radio show every day.

But well, it’s kinda… In that case… I’d kinda like to have a drinking party with a bunch of guys my age. (laughs) Seriously. It’d be fun, right? We’d definitely not be using formal speech since we’d be the same age. It’d be casual talk.

Right, so as a 34-year-old, I’d like to be doing my best from now onwards, too!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


Translation from Ohno Discovery@tumblr

2014.11.25 AD - Ephemeral.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!


[BGM ‘Kamenbutoukai (Masquerade Ball)’ by Shounentai]

This is a phrase meaning a makeshift, temporary thing. It can also mean rash, impulsive and so on. In kanji, the phrase is written with the ‘仮’ (kari / provisional) of ‘仮契約’ (kaikeiyaku / provisional contract) and the ‘初’ (hatsu / first) of ‘初出場’ (hatsushutsujou / debut).

I hide behind a mask, under the pretense of shyness
Dance! Dance! For this one ephemeral night…

That’s it. With our senior Shounentai’s participation, if you please! Forgive me! (laughs)

Man, but this song… It’s 'Kamenbutoukai' (Masquerade Ball) by Shounentai-san. But well, I’m much indebted to Shounentai-san, truly.

I’ve been influenced by them in so many ways. With one thing or another, I’ve said that ever since my Junior days, the reason I’m hooked on jazz dance is thanks to Shounentai-san. Truly. Mm. Since then, I figured I’d do jazz dance. Mm. In Kyoto. I mean, I got to sing a whole load of Shounentai songs. Mm.

And then when I went back to Tokyo, just before I thought of quitting, I appeared in Shounentai’s 'PLAYZONE' once. That was the first time I properly got to work with the three of them, wasn’t it? But even then, it wasn’t… V6’s Tonisen had some other job and couldn’t appear that day? Um, that’s when I made my appearance.

The time when I actually properly got to work with them was after we’d become Arashi, when I was 20 years old. Um, I was the only one in Arashi who appeared in 'PLAYZONE'. With TOKIO’s Matsuoka-kun and Inohara-kun, the three of us. We were triple-casted in it. That was the first time. Where we properly acted together and properly got involved. I was much obliged to them at that time, truly.

In the midst of that, Uekusa-san was like a parent and really took good care of us. And then I didn’t really know why but in my green room, there was a shower and a bath there. And then about 20 minutes before the performance, I’d soak in the bathtub. Back then. I don’t really know why but I’d use it to soak in. I don’t remember why I used to soak like that, though!(laughs)

So Uekusa-san would suddenly barge in and say to me while I was buck-naked, "What are you doing?"


"There’s 20 minutes to go! Why are you in the bath?"

And that became like a routine every single time. He’d burst in every time.(laughs)

I have quite a lot of those memories. Well, they’re people I admire. Ever since I was a Junior. Mm. I was happy to be able to work so closely with them. Yeah. I totally haven’t met them since. I’d like to meet them. Yeah. I totally haven’t met Uekusa-san at all. I totally haven’t met Nishikiori-san, either. I can definitely say that if the opportunity arises, I’d definitely like to meet them.

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


Translation from Ohno Discovery@tumblr

2014.11.24 AD - Bright window, clean desk.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"Bright window, clean desk (meisoujouki).”[1]

[BGM ‘Imaging Crazy’]

As for how that’s written, 'meisou' is written with the words for ‘明い窓 (bright window)’, while 'jouki' is written like the word ‘争う (to compete/contest)’ with the water radical, making the ‘浄’ character, as in ‘浄水器 (water filtration system)’, plus the word for ‘desk’.

This is a four-word idiom meaning a neat, comfortable study; a place conducive to reading and writing. 'Jouki' apparently means ‘clean desk’. Ohh. That’s a good phrase.

This was sent in by listener Kaede-san. The message reads:
"The desk in my room has so much stuff on it that it’s almost no longer a desk. It’s been like that since elementary school. I don’t have a single memory of studying at my study table. Satoshi-kun, is your room neat? Is there a desk in it?"

Man, I understand. That’s how it is. I also don’t have any memories of studying there. Mm. All I did was draw. Mm. Actually, I probably drew at the living room table. So I probably didn’t use it for anything! (laughs)

But well, now, my room is… well, isn’t it neat? Mm. I have a desk. It’s usually in the living room, though. But well, I was thinking of changing it. So I bought one. A black one. So the table top, well, when it’s in a mess, you’d give it a final wipe right? So um, I was like, wiping it with wet tissue… and a layer came off. Like, what colour was it? Um, like, wine-coloured. Wine-red. But I’ve had nothing like that spill on it…!

Like I wipe it each time. And it’s not like I spill red wine on it every time.(laughs) I’ve actually never ever spilled red wine on it.

So well, that was kinda… I was thinking of changing it. No matter how much I wipe it, it kinda comes off. Mm. So there are desks like that. (laughs)

I’ll probably change it next year. Mm. Not like I’m in that much of a hurry to change it.

But it’d be nice to have a cool study. But it’s not like I’d write poetry there or anything. It’ll turn out to be an atelier instead.

But most probably, I’ll end up leaving it there doing nothing. Um, (laughs), I’ll probably end up leaving clothes on it. Mm. Like tops and stuff. Most probably, Kaede-san, I’m the same type as you. Mm. But it’s probably kind of a waste. It’s not like I’d have a PC there. I don’t have a computer, anyway. (laughs)

Mm. Well, so this… next year, I’ll plan to change my table. Like, I might get an interesting table and remodel it or something, for all I know. DIY. I like that sort of thing.

It’ll be good if I do that. Mm. Well, if I do end up buying a table, I’ll let you know. Yeah. Right.

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi!