21 de dic. de 2014

[News] Arashi Best Seller Artist of 2014 / Arashi el Artista de Mayor Ventas del 2014

Omedetou a nuestros amores de ARASHI  :son los artistas de mayor venta del 2014 en Japón por segundo año consecutivo con un total de ventas de ¥13.82 billion (4x en total) 
Crédito y foto @FindAiba

Congratulation ARASHI. They are the top Artist Seller of 2014 according the Oricon Magazine for the second year in a row. 
Info from @FindAiba

1 - Arashi # 13,823,000,000 Yen (approximately $115,625,261 USD)
2 - AKB48 # 13,075,000,000 Yen (approximately $109,368,465 USD)
3 - Kanjani8 # 5,862,000,000 Yen (approximately $49,033,877 USD)
4 - Kis-My-Ft2 # 5,258,000,000 Yen (approximately $43,981,597 USD)
5 - Tohoshinki # 3,691,000,000 Yen (approximately $30,874,111 USD)

おりこん10冠 por nico-moca

[Radio] ARashi Discovery 19Dec14 /Arashi Discovery del 19Dic14

Crédito: OhnoDiscovery@tumblr

[BGM ‘Fuyu no Nioi’] 

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Every Friday I respond to the messages received on this show.

First up is one from Mai-chan.
"Satoshi-kun, good morning. This is out of the blue, but I have a question. Do you hate girls who crunch ice? The truth is, even in winter, I can’t stop eating ice. Even though I’ve thought about stopping, I unintentionally end up eating it. Apparently it’s not good for you to eat too much ice too. You become anaemic and get dizzy. So Satoshi-kun, if you say that you hate people who crunch ice, I think I’ll definitely stop. Asking your favour please."

Well, for me, there’s one thing I really don’t want women to do. It really turns me off when they do it. 

Um… It’s people who crunch on ice! It’s really no good. Such a turn off. Mm. So I think it’s better if you stopped. Yeah. I hate people who crunch on ice.

Next, from Aya-san, age 17.
"Oh-chan, good morning. You’re right in the midst of concerts, aren’t you? Thanks for your hard work. I’m the one who previously consulted you about having the physical strength to withstand 3 hours. I’ve been watching Arashi DVDs while waving a penlight. It was naturally empty at home, but it worked pretty well. On that note, a new question arose."
"This time, standing is tough. What’s a good way of training for that? Please teach me the solution. Incidentally, I’m going for the last day, 23rd December. And I’m almost turning 34 years old. I’m the same age as Ohno, 34. I’ll be doing my best with all my might, so please watch! We’ll meet later!"

So we’re peers, aren’t we? 

Sitting is fine! It’s not that much of a… I’m grateful that you’re trying with all your might, though. But if it gets tough, it’s fine to sit down. But I’ll be dancing the whole time. Mm.

Well, but I understand. Standing up the whole time is tough. It’s fine to sit down for my solo song, right? It’s all right. It’s not a big deal. But um, if it really gets tough, please sit down! (laughs) There’s no rules about that. There’s no such strange specific rules or anything. 

And then you can sit down for the MC part. Yeah. Well, please take it easy and enjoy! We’ll meet soon!

Next, from Marina-san.
"Ohno-kun, good morning. I’m always listening to you on the radio. this is out of the blue, but I have something I’m worried about. I’m 24 years old now but I’ve never had a boyfriend ever since I was born. Naturally, I’m impatient about it. How can I get one? Please advise."

Ahh. How innocent. But well, maybe it’s not your time? That is, it might be your time to shine right now. Mm. Like, no need to get impatient over it, I think. 

Mm. I mean, you never know, after this, you might turn around and the man you’ll marry might just appear. That might be the explanation. I don’t particularly think there’s any need to be impatient. Mm. It’s just not time for him to appear yet. If you do your best for yourself right now, I think a wonderful person will appear for you. Mm. 

If you rush unnaturally, it might be scary, conversely. Mm. If you’re like, "I don’t have a boyfriend, what should I do? I want one! I want one!" and relentlessly pursue someone, he might not turn out to be the one, for all you know. If you rush unnaturally.

So I can assuredly say, Marina-san, you don’t need to be impatient. To that extent. Well, he’ll just suddenly appear, ja-ja-ja-jaaan!

Sorry. I’m such an old man about it, huh? But I wish that someone wonderful will suddenly appear for you.

Next, one from Moe-chan. 
"Oh-chan, good morning. For the past few months, my mother’s been ending her words with '-NASSHIIII!'[1] Even when we’re having a serious conversation, she does it as well and honestly it’s annoying. No matter how many times I’ve asked her to stop, she still won’t do it. Ohno-kun, what do you think I should do to get her to stop?”

She’s hooked on it, isn’t she? It’s become a habit, hasn’t it? (laughs) 

It’s better to stop when you’re having a serious conversation, though? "No, but anyhow, the other day something happened-NASSHIII!" Something like that, right? (laughs) You can’t have a serious conversation like that, can you?

She just wants to say it, probably. That probably only happens at home, though, right? If she did it in public, people might draw away. (laughs) I could understand if a kid did it, though. But I think that’ll go away with time. 

[BGM ‘GUTS!’] 

(laughs) It makes you want to say it, I think. MatsuJun also often, I mean, probably… He says it. It makes you want to say it. Um, the way it goes up is great. It feels great. It’s just that when you’re having a serious conversation, you can’t take it seriously. It ends up not being serious. 

Maybe you should just tell her to pick the proper time and place for her ‘nashi’s? Right. 

And so with that, the weekly Friday messages have been answered. I’ll be awaiting your mail. The address is arashi@fmyokohama.co.jp. I’ll be waiting for you to send me lots of messages.

See you next week; this was Ohno Satoshi! 

From today onwards, I’ll do my best at the concerts-NASSHIII!

[Radio] Arashi Discovery 18Dec14 / Arashi Discovery del 18Dic14

Credito: OhnoDiscovery@tumblr

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"A good man is one who forms groups and shines all the more vividly for it."

[BGM ‘Zero-G’]

Oh, that’s cool. This is a quote by Japanese female writer Hayashi Mariko-san, from her essay 'Rushing into Middle Age'. This was sent in by listener Akiko-san. The message reads:
"The Digitalian concert was like a dream; I had a wonderful time. The five kings of Arashi certainly filled the dome with a refreshing vividness. I was happy to see Oh-chan’s solo and celebration. The pen lights made for fairytale-like scenery, didn’t it? It was like a wonderful dream."

Ohh. Thank you very much for coming. Well, um… we got to make the best of each area and got to eat pretty tasty things too. That in itself was… Ah, that’s right, in Nagoya and all it snowed. It was really cold backstage and all, but once you came out to the front, it was incredibly hot. The heat coming from everyone was incredible. It was very keenly felt.

Mm. The concerts this time passed in a flash, too. Mm. The concerts were extremely fun.

For me, um, I’ve become able to properly sleep in a bed. In the hotel. Um, well, up until now, as long as there was a sofa, I’d always been sleeping on the sofa. But this time round, I had a perfect score of sleeping in the bed. Yeah.

Lately, even at home, I’ve been sleeping in my bed. Yeah, since everyone was telling me to do so. (laughs) Especially MatsuJun, he’s been really going on about it. "Well, you’d better not sleep on the sofa." He said that, that guy. But when we were in Nagoya, when we went back to the hotel on the last day, um, when they were starting to pack things back into the crates… I kinda fell asleep on the sofa. "What are you doing?" (laughs)Guess I was tired. Before I realised it, it was morning.

But well, I don’t really know. I’ve become able to sleep in a bed, but since I’ve gotten used to sleeping on sofas in the past, the moment I end up lying on the sofa in the green room, I become sleepy.

So it’s a little… I’ve been doing my best to sleep on beds! I’ll be able to entirely just sleep in beds soon, I think.

Um, for hotel beds, right… Why are the bed covers and all tucked deep into the bed? (laughs) 

I wonder why that is? All hotels are like that. Is it a rule or something? I hate it when my feet can’t poke out. So I’ve gotta at least rip it out and let my feet through. Surprisingly, if they go right inside, it’s like… "Ah, it’s impossible!"And I rip it out with my hands, though.

But for me, right, in futons and stuff, I hate it when my feet don’t at least stick out somewhere. (laughs) That happens, right? Often. It definitely happens. I kinda want to take submissions for this, too. (laughs) 

Mm. Like things you’re particular about when you sleep. Man, like I’m sure there are things. So this time I’m taking submissions. Think about it.

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 

[Radio] Arashi Discovery 17Dec14 / Arashi Discovery del 17Dic14

Credito: OhnoDiscovery@tumblr

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"To paint a picture on water."[1]

[BGM ‘Daremo Shiranai’]

What’s that, I wonder? 
Now this… No matter how hard you try to paint a picture on the surface of water, it won’t remain. This is a phrase meaning that acts in vain will only lead to fleeting things disappearing again.

Mm. But well, for me, it’d probably be that, right? When I finally come up with choreography and when I pass it on to the members, they immediately… immediately learn it. 'Ah, I'd spent so many days on it! They immediately…(laughs) …learned it!’ That’s how it feels.

That’s right! Please hear me out. Man, um, the other time, I asked for choreography - previously, I asked for choreography teachers - choreographers - to submit their thoughts. We received a whole bunch. Look! (flipping paper noises) That’s all of them! There’s a whole ton of them. Out of all these, I think I’ll read at least one of ‘em.

From Shiorin, a 2nd year high-schooler.
"Good morning. I’ve been doing dance since 2nd grade, from genres like hip hop to jazz. Then ever since my 2nd year of middle school, I’ve been acting as the assistant for my choreography teacher and occasionally I’m entrusted with the choreographing, too. I’m not quite a choreographer yet, but the other day when Oh-chan talked on the radio about the anxiety of not getting any inspiration and the complicated mix of emotions of happiness and shock when people learning your choreography quickly, I can really sympathise. When the God of Dance doesn’t come down to you, you’re all stressed and disagreeable. When it finally comes to you, it really progresses quickly and you feel so happy. Not only that, when the other party is taking a while to learn the choreography, I’d be wondering whether my choreography is hard to learn or kinda questionable or something. Oh-chan, have you felt like that before?"

Ahh, I see. But well, um, often for my own solos and stuff… The minor parts will be minutely done, but when I pass it on to the Juniors and all, I kinda like seeing their troubled faces. (laughs) 

"Ehhh?" they’d say. "That’s so fast!"

Um, for those Juniors that tend to learn things fast, I find when they have this "No way!" expression, it’s irresistible. I won!

But well, naturally, they learn fast. Seriously. This time, too, I’m doing the choreography for my solo song and I passed it on to the Juniors. The Juniors dance a little. So right now, it’s pretty easy. It’s muscle memory.

But when I’m choreographing it, I work up a sweat. Like not by halves at all. Yeah, um, for various… like when non-Arashi groups who are used to learning dances look like they’re having a hard time of it, I feel kinda happy.

I mean, you’d be happy, right? For that. If they did it like it was a breeze, it’d be kinda painful, right? Like, they’ve done various countless types of choreography and naturally when they have a pained expression, it’s like…"Ahh, like… is that so?"

So from now onwards, (laughs) I’d like to go with kindly telling people that the dance is hard!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 

[Radio] Arashi Discovery 16Dec14 / Arashi Discovery del 16Dic14

Translation to English Ohnodiscovery@tumblr

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"Life is like a grocery cart. Each of us has a grocery cart and the world is our supermarket. The world is filled with wonderful things. Push your cart down the aisles, Charlie Brown. That grocery cart is your life. Push it, Charlie Brown! Push it right up to the check-out counter!"


I’ve been really speeding along lately, huh? Ever since yesterday. 

This is related to the well-known Snoopy; it’s a quote by a girl called Lucy from one of Charles Schulz's Peanuts strips. 

I see. This was sent in by listener Peanuts-san. The message reads:
"Good morning. I really love this quote. When I see this quote, it really makes me want to go to more places and meet more people. Incidentally, although Charles Schulz-san is now gone, he had the same birthday as Ohno-kun."

Ohh. Which is also the same day as Kanjani∞’s Maru. (laughs) 

A supermarket, huh? When I was a kid I liked sitting at the bottom of the cart. (laughs) Um, well, there’s like two baskets, right? Then underneath you can’t put baskets there, so I’d sit down there. I loved being pushed along like that. Mm. Though I could never do that ever again! It’d be embarrassing. Yeah. 

For me, I like going to supermarkets. For example, like, um, when a friend’s coming over. Say we’re doing nabe and we have to buy ingredients and stuff. So my friend might say something like, "Shall I buy the ingredients?"
"No, I’ll do it."

Mm. I love choosing the stuff. And then I kinda want to try things! They often have them, right? Tasting corners where they give you a bite. But I can’t do them. I mean, it’s kinda… embarrassing, right? But I’d like to try them one day!

Um, those one mouthfuls are super tasty, aren’t they? How should I say… Like the ones selling asparagus, across from that, there’s the cooking station and they’d have the one mouthful size portions. I can’t help coming to a halt at those. (laughs) 

(laughs) But to take off my mask to eat them… well, it’s like… If… IF I were to be found out, it’d be embarrassing, so I give up the idea. But it looks really tasty!

Well, since I can’t eat it, I end up buying the asparagus. (laughs) Yeah, they look really fat and delicious, after all. 

I wonder whether you can eat as much of those as you want? There has to be a limit, right? But well, they’re interesting, supermarkets. I’d like to go again. Sometime soon. Well, probably not this year. Mm. But when I do nabe again with friends, I’ll go again! (laughs)

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 

[Radio] Arashi Discovery from 15Dec14 / Arashi Discovery del 15Dic14

Translation from Ohnodiscovery@tumblr

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"Finding fault."[1]

[BGM ‘Take Off!!’]

This is a phrase that means to search for other people’s weaknesses and to point them out. We also say ‘being picky’. 

The word ‘fault’ refers to when you cut fish into three pieces and you’re left with the head and the bones, and the saying apparently originates from when you pick at the little bits left on those and eat them.

I see. For example: (suddenly effeminate) 
"Oh? Are you someone from Arashi? How old are you? Oh my, you’re around thirty, aren’t you? How wild, are you filleting fish? Um, use the fish leftovers! I’m making Brazil - I mean, fish stew. Oh, what’s that? He’s disappeared, hasn’t he? Where have you gone, Arashi dude? Arashi dude! Where are you?"
(suddenly using a narrator’s voice)
"And so, according to the young lady, the journey to search for Arashi - ‘find Ara - began."

Question! How many times did that young lady say ‘ara’?

That’s all. Man, that brings me back. It’s been a while since I did that -‘Question!’. It’s been ages since I’ve done that. It’s been about 3-4 years? Yeah, in the past I used to do questions. Yeah, I’d like to do that again someday. Yeah.

Sorry, that was kinda long and drawn-out. I was just reading what was written! I was diligently practising, after all. I was being diligent about it, saying each of those. So on that note, how many times did I say it? I’ll leave that to you.

Fish leftovers, huh? But well, fish stew… When I received red Pacific sea bream and stuff, I’d have the head left over and use that to make fish stew. It was extremely tasty, that was.

Well, using the ingredients from scratch is the best, that’s why it’s tasty. So after drinking the fish stew and then at a certain point, you get rid of all the fine bones and then add in miso. Made it into miso soup and then drank it for breakfast.

Mm. Stylish, aren’t I? (laughs) 

I like that. It was so tasty that I’ll never forget about red Pacific sea bream. 

That was the first time I’d removed the teeth of one, too. Man, that was interesting. The teeth - just the teeth were left. I dried them out and then made an interesting sculpture with it. I like fish teeth! That’s right, so someday, my favourite would be shark teeth… So someday, I’ll catch a shark. I’ll remove the top and bottom jaws and I’d like to make something out of it.

Maybe something like a keychain. Mm. It’d be kinda dangerous though, all spiky like that! (laughs) But kinda seems like I could make that, right? I’m aspiring to that. I love the movie ‘Jaws’, after all. So often, they have that. And then I’d love to try that someday. 

So before that, I’ve gotta catch a shark. Someday I’ll make that happen. I’ll report to you when that time comes!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 

16 de dic. de 2014

[News] Arashi in the next issue of ANAN / Arashi saldrá en la nueva edición de ANAN

Get your wallet out!! ARASHI will be in the next issue of ANAN fully clothed it but it´s ARASHI. Saquen sus billeteras!!! ARASHI saldrá en la próxima edición de ANAN con ropa pero que importa es ARASHI!!!

[Translation] Nino y su barriguita / Nino´s belly

Nino was asked what was something he did recently overdid? He answered: "I guess I’d have to say the concert." The reason was, "my costumes are too tight (haha)" When we got measured, all the members have such thin waists, so naturally Nino kept his (usually sticking out) stomach in. Because of that, during the concerts "my pants are SO tight!" 

© nino-chan@tumblr

Translation to Spanish by Mirthiux - Traducción al español por Mirthiux

A Nino le preguntaron que es lo que a sobrehecho? Él respondió: “ supongo que debo de decir son los conciertos” La razón fue “ mis trajes están muy apretados. Risas cunado nos midieron, todos los integrantes tienen cinturas delgados y naturalmente la mía siempre meto el estómago y es por ello que durante los conciertos mis pantalones están muy apretados.

14 de dic. de 2014

[Translation] Sakuraiba is showing their love / Sakuraiba mostrando su amor

So cute Sakuraiba moments. Thank you Ninomiya Kazunari for sharing this information. Translation to spanish by Mirthiux

Q ;Please tell us about what you like about each member without feeling embarrassed ?

SHO : For AIBA-kun , I like how his eyes are big, and also his round and cute eyes.
AIBA : I see, for me I like SHO-chan in general, on the whole !
AIBA : I like his sloping shoulders quite a fair bit too. it's suit traditional Japanese clothes.

Que tierno los momentos de Sakuraiba. Gracisa a Ninomiya Kazunari por compartir la información. Traducción al español por Mirthiux

P: Por favor dígananos ¿qué es lo que les gusta de cada uno de los integrantes sin sentirse avergonzados?

SHO: para Aiba-kun, me gusta mucho sus ojos, son grandes y tambie son redondos y muy lindos.
AIBA: Ya veo, a mi me gusta SHO-chan en general. Todo él!
AIBA: Me gusta sus hombros caídos para ser sinceros tambien. Le queda tan bien la ropa japonesa tradicional.

[Translation] Arashi´s naugthy text message / Los mensajes de trextos traviesos de ARASHI

Yesterday in Arashi ni Shiyagare the gues Asada-san send a text message to the boys and the game was to give the nautghies one. So here they are..just soo hilarious. Arashi is driving us crazy :)

Asada-san’s text message is: “I’m going to take a bath now, wonder if there is a bad boy in there?”

Sho-san’s reply is: “I’m going in to the bath too, just to make sure there is no bad boy in there”?

Nino’s reply is: “Bad boy? I don’t know any. Bububu (he really used this) But does thinking about Mai-chi make me one? Bubububu”

Riida’s reply is: “Take your time bathing. Bad Boy? But I’m imaging your body right now, guess that makes me a bad boy” (He got high marks from guest for this hentai reply)

Aiba-shi’s reply: I wonder~ I would like to peep. 

Translated and credits to tomoe6@tumblr (_ _)
Aiba's part © ShoyukoTakirin@twitter

Ayer en el Shiyagare la invitada Asada-san les mandó un mensaje de texto a los chicos y el juego era el de dar el mensaje más malcriado o travieso. Son demasiado graciosos. Arashi nos quiere volver locas XD.
Traducción al ingles por Tomoe6@tumblr y ShoyukoTikirin@twitter. Traducción al español por Mirthiux

Mensaje de Asada-san: "Me voy a bañar ahora, me pregunto si habrá algú chico malo ahí?

Mensaje de Shokun; "Me voy a bañar tambien, solo para asegurarme que no hay ningún chico malo ahí?

Mensaje de Nino: "Chico Malo? bububub(realmente lo uso) pero pensar en Maic-hi me hace uno? bububu

Mensaje de Riida: "Toma tu tiempo bañandote. Chico Malo? pero imaginarme tu cuerpo ahorita, supong oque eso me hace un chico malo" (Riida obtuvo puntos altos por la invitada por su respuesta hentai)

Mensaje de Aiba: Me pregunto... podré mirar.

11 de dic. de 2014

[Translation] Thank you words from Matsujun to ARASHI / Palabras de agradecimiento de Matsujun para ARASHI

Thank you to Mayukoson tumblr for sharing and translating the thank you message from our Arashi boys. Translation to Spanish from Mirthiux

To OHNO-san : Thank you for letting me into your house (laugh). Especially since I'm the only one from ARASHI that's been there. It might have just been by chance, but it made me happy!

To SHO-kun : During rehearsal when you order food , you always make sure to ask us first, like ' I'm eating this , does anyone else want some?', it's because SHO-kun looks out for us like that i think that ARASHI naturally takes care of each other.

To AIBA-san : Even way back when you always made sure to buy souvenirs for us whenever you went anywhere. Because i can sense AIBA-san kindness, i think that makes me want to return the favor.

To NINO : Thank you for always lending me your manga. They keep me entertained enough to get through those waiting times!!

Gracias a Mayukoson por compartir y traducir en ingles el mensaje de nuestros chicos de ARASHI. La traducción al español por Mirthiux

Para OHNO-san: Gracias por dejarme ir a tu casa (Risas). Especialmente que soy el único de ARASHI que ha ido. Tal vez fue por casualidad pero me hizo feliz!

Para SHO-kun: Durante los ensayos cuando ordenas comida, tu siempre te aseguras de preguntarnos primero como "Voy a comer esto, alguien desea algo?, es porque SHO-kun siempre nos cuida que naturalmente ARASHI se cuida mutuamente el uno al otro.

Para AIBA-san: Incluso desde tiempo atras tu siempre te aseguras que compranos recuerdos cuando vas a algún lado. Porque puede sentir la gentileza de Aiba-san, me dan ganas de regresar el favor.

Para NINO: gracais por siempre prestarme tus mangas. Ellos me mantienen entretenidos lo suficiente para pasar esos tiempos de espera.