Sunday, October 12, 2008

Storm News! Episode 1 - English version

Hi!!! Minnasan welcome to our first program in English.  We are really happy about this new project, that just want to continue spreading the love for ARASHI & try to get to meet more ARASHI Fans around the world. 

We'll appreciate your support & spread the program too. ARIGATOU!


    REALLY REALLY! SUGOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.. I´m so excited.. I watchted in spanish... and now! I can watched in english OMG! *I´m crying!*
    It´s a great sorprise! Yay!!--- Promoting the storm! ^_____________^ !!
    Thank u 4 all ur work!
    Ja ne!

  2. AH~ really sugoi~ promoting Arashi everywhere is a good idea ^__^ i really want them to have a international fanclub<3
    Thanks for all your hard work :D


  3. YAY! So it's finally begun!!! Ureshii~ <3333
    Mirtha-chan, you're really awesome! *0*
    *send you tons of raburabu*

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH for starting this International Arashi fanclub !!!
    I will support you as much as I can !

    Yes, Arashi needs an international fanclub !! They have far too many fans ard the world ! And this fanclub may be an avenue where international fans get to purchase arashi concert tickets more easily too !

    How do you intend to spread this international fan club message?

    Do you need any help? :)

  5. Thank you friend! I´m very excited about this new project. Kinda scary & nervous. I´ll promise that next episode will get better.

    Lets contininue spreading the ARASHI LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. Thank you for your beautiful words. We have to continue to work hard so our plead can be listen by johnnysan so he can create an international club.

    To spread the international petition you can please send to everyone the link of this page & they just have to check the first post where the petition is.

    We appreciate all the help that we can get. ARIGATOU!

  7. Thank you for your words. We really are working hard to promote ARASHI not only in Latinamerica but we want all the world to know about them too. Please help us to continue spreading the ARASHI LOVE and that our voices as fans can be listen for the Johnnys Entraintment & we can finally have an international club.

  8. OMG! That is such a great idea! You're awesome for doing this! Everyone in the "group" great job! I can't wait for more! <3 <3.

  9. Yici! arigatou. I´m so nervous about this project but I know we can make our dreams come true. We need more fans to get together so we can send our message to the Johnnys Entretainment. We want an ARASHI international fan club. yeap yeap!!!

  10. Storm News Saiko~!!!! now in english yo! xDDD soon in japanese!! xDDDDD *daydreaming* demo... we have to improve our japanese ne! xDDDDD Omedetou!!!!  Q bueno, Arashi Perú al estrellato!! LOL *high tension*

  11. WTH XD OMGG Y YO RECIEN ME ENTERO O.o ahh aca tengo que escribir en ingles u__ú a ver WAUU SUGOII xD i love it n__n is great ^-^

  12. sugoi ne~ nice work... hope you'll create more... :D

  13. yeap! Let's make ARASHI-PERU go worldwide. 

  14. Amix! se puede comentar en ambos idiomas. No hay problema!!

  15. Totally! we'll continue with STORM NEWS! every week. Check for the program every friday night. Arigatou!

  16. super work!! thanks! I hope it works with the petition!!!

    I've added you to my neighborhood to get your latest news!!

  17. SUGOI~!!! cant wait for the other news!!! :]/

  18. Hi Schaneli! thank you for adding me. I hope the petition works too but I guess It can work if all the fans get together & make our voices listen :)

    Yes, keep ckecking the page for the lastest news & Storm News!.

    Let's Spread the LOVE for ARASHI

  19. Arigatou Shaila! please keep in touch & check Storm News! every friday night :)

    Let's SPREAD the LOVE for ARASHI!

  20. i have made a post on my vox to spread this storm news :)

    feel free to add me to your neighbourhood :)

    gambatte! ^_^

  21. Omg. You guys are so amazing! Go international Arashi fans! <3

  22. Arigatou! Please help us to spread the word of the petition & program :)

  23. [this is good] This so cool!!!!!!!

    I´m from PERu by the way... but i love speak and write in english!.. **

    i think that this is a great great really great idea!!!!

    now storm news  is avaliable to everyone!!! IT´S GREAT!!!!

    i know all the hard work that you do guys... i went to "la segunda proyeccion de Arashi en arenales xD!!!" (i don't konow how to say proyeccion) .... And i saw tha u really take very serious all the work that your doing right now for the fanclub and for arashi..... and i reallly would like to help with everything i could..... i already sent like 10 messages to the petition.... and i put the links of the page of Arashi-peru and the link from storm news in wikipedia.....


    ME GUSTARIA AYUDARLAS A HACER TAMBIEN LOS CARTELES  ( esas paletas q se llevan a los conciertos y q tienen los nombres de los arashi ... no se como se llaman) o ayudarlas para preparar las cosas q se venden en las proyecciones!!!...

    te dejo mi msn  xsi hay algo en que pueda ayudar!! 




  24. Hi Gaby! thank you so much for you comment. It really make me happy to see that all our hard work is appreciate it. I´ll work really hard for them & the fans because I know we deserve better from the Johnnys Associates. Please help us to continiuing promoting ARASHI in every fanlisting, website & anywhere.

    Gaby gracias por tu apoyo y apenas nos reunamos para hacer los uchiwas (los carteles) te pasamos la voz. Sigue apoyandonos y promocionando la peticion y el programa.


  25. [this is good] hi..just wrote an email to oprah bout arashi..yeah..u're right, it is Oprah Winfrey Show.. baka me.. *hides*
    n i put a linkies to this site..gomen, i shud ask b4 doing so..

  26. Hi Aniera! wooww that's amazing. I know who is Oprah. Thank you for helping us to promote ARASHI. Please could you send me the email address you have for the show so I can share it with the fans so they can help us to promote ARASHI in Oprah. ARIGATOU!

  27. hmm.. i think the show a bit strict about whoever wants to send them emails coz we shud to fill a form..we'll be asked our address, hp no n etc.. okay here is the link:

    but yeah, more fans will increase their chances to appear on Oprah, ne..;3
    i always hope Arashi will be the guest everytime i watched the show..

    *imagines Arashi walk into the show*

    maybe we'll urge more fans to write to Oprah,ne~~