Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This year is being one of the busiest and craziest I've ever had. I think I accomplished many important things in the personal and professional level  . . economic level . . well I struggled hahaha but so far I think this was the year to sow the seed and next year I will get my crops. This year was tough because I want sooo many things to do but the time was too short . . .Sometimes I wish the day had 48 hours and not 24 hrs.

So I made a list of my goals, dreams, objective that I accomplished in 2008


1. The most important one ARASHI-PERU PROJECTIONS. This year we produced 3 successful projections with over 100 fans in each one of them.

2. Organized, created, designed the official page for ARASHI-PERU. I bought the domain and I told my partner in crime in this project MARISOL that we should do more for the club so with the website we pretty much tripled the amount of fans in our club.

3. The creation and producction of STORM NEWS! this show was born almost a year ago in Spanish first and 2 months ago in English. I thought about this project because I wanna the fans for all around the world to enjoy and know more about ARASHI.

4. My country PERU was mentioned for a second time for ARASHI. Like I said: When the peruvian fans want to do something we work really hard and we leave a MARK. Last year, I did my share and this year my friends Xiao Tao & Lelachan did it. Next year We have to do it AGAIN!!!

5. I made great friends during this year. I love my ARASHI_PERU STAFF and my dear fan friends like Chenky, Natty, Betty, SAndrita, Mayrita, Marife, Cory, Nekochan and more. U GUYS ARE DA BOMB!!

6. I made great friends at vox like Destini and PikaPika, you guys are the best and I know if we continue working together we can accomplish all our dreams with ARASHI so let's keep working hard!

So this year was totally fabulous regarding ARASHI so I know next year will totally ROCK!

My dear friends I want to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and the all of us can be at ARASHI CONCERT yes!!



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