Sunday, February 08, 2009

SHOKUN in New York - Part 2

Update 02/11/2009: Just want to mention that I went back to the booth of Yatterman on saturday 7th and the people at the booth remembered me and they told me that Sakurai Sho was totally happy & excited about the fans. He didn't imagine he was so popular in America & in South America. He thought that we were great. So please, Stop saying that he was unconfortable or annyoing. that is not true.

Ok, I'm going to forget the sad momente & I'm going to write my experience in New York.  After traveling for 10 hours I arrived at La Guardia Airport on Wednesday 4th & I waited for 2 hours at the airport because my luggage wasn't on the plane I came. I thought for a moment that it was a sign about bad things could happen to me in NEW YORK... totally WRONG. I've never been sooooo lucky. So on Wednesday I didn't do anything interesting in the city because it was so freaking cold. I called my friend Kelly so we can get together on thrusday (she was coming from California).

On thrusday, I went to the convention center to pick up my pass (luckily I did, because the next day it was a nightmire on the comic con). So while I was waiting for my friends to arrive & pick up their passes I was able to get into the booth of Yatterman & talk with the yatterman people. I was really surprise to see such a little booth & I told them.. Shokun is going to be "here" at this booth. They said yes and I was like ...humm do you know that we are like 500 fans who confirm to be here. They said: oh I know there are going to be many fans but we can handle it. I thought.. Well if they said so should it be true.  My friends arrived and we got together and had a lot of fun walking around the city looking for SHOKUN (Kelly & Luisa, I'm so grateful for meeting you, this experience wouldn't be the same if you were not there with me.. THANK YOU - GRACIAS!!!!)

On Friday, My friends arrived at 8:00 am & I did at 9:00 am (gomene shokun!). I was really surprise when I got there and see sooooo many ARASHI fans. I was super excited to meet many of you. Destini & Winkychan were soo nice to meet you. It was great to know people who loves ARASHI so much like me & they are working really hard to promote them in their countries. I had a moment when I was going to get a coke to see people at the Yatterman booth so I got to talk to the organizer of this event. I mentioned to him if Shokun is going to be there (at the booth). He said yes and I was like humm do you know that downstairs we are already 200 fans.. I don't think is going to be safe to stay here. He said that everything was under control & the tickets will be handle it at 3:00 pm. I totally doubt it.  At 1:00pm, they let us in. We got into the booth with a nice spot (front line) so they told us to wait for SHOKUN & the tickets. Then more people began to arrive & the organizer started to get panic. I heard them said like "Oh, I didn't know there are going t be so many people" I was like duh! I told you since yesterday. Anyway, they were like talking on the cellphone, talking between them. It was chaotic. Worst, at the moment to give away the tickets, everyone strated to push & try to get one. The little boy next to me fell down, I helped him right away & he began to cry. I was sooo scared for him. I hug & told him that everything was going to be OK. Her sister (i think she was also was crying) was so nervous. Of course what could had happen if they still pushing. I'm not critizicing any fan,  I know that everyone want to get a pass because you were waiting for such a long time.. I blame the people who organize this because they could it avoid it if they gave away a ticket number to control, or to set up a better room for SHOKUN. They are the responsables for ALL the chaos. My friends and I were the last ones to receive the passes  (THANK YOU HIDEO!!!!!). After that, we run to get close to the room with the huge window so we can see SHOKUN.. They took such a long time to get SHOKUN. There was a fat policeman who continue to open & close the door and laugh at us everytime (he was really annoying). Then SHOKUN appeared. GOSH! he is sooooo handsome. He was there just for a minute. He looked so surprise & grateful. He move his arm along with us when we sang ARASHI. Then he bowed & left.  I was sooo full of emotions & excited me. I couldn't believe it.

Then we head up to the theater. We were like the 50th on line. Gosh! it was superrrrrrrrr COLD. For real, I felt like I was going to lose some of my toes or fingers. It probably was around 10 degrees. This is another complain for the organization.. People could be harm very deeply for being outside. Stupid idea to do it in an small theater.

At the beginning they have everyone in the same line, then they separate us from who got the tickets & the lucky ones form guest list & contest. We continued waiting. We haven't eaten anything so far. So I went to get something warm for me & my friends. Around 7:45 pm SHOKUN arrived. It was the smallest RED CARPET ever. He walked & greet for another one minute & got in. Then the torture began. The few we got tickets had to wait until everyone from the guestlist and winners get it so if there still space in the theater they would let us in. I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? So far we've been waiting for  over 11 hours and you cannot guarantee us to get in. I was worried because I was so close & so far to see him. Finally they called us & let us in. My friends  & I thought that we will be soooooo far away because we were getting in late but then DANIEL told us to go at front (DANIEL U R DA BOMB!!!). we were like WHAT!!!!!! No way! so totally were front line on the right side. We couldn't believe our luck. we were just up front. We asked the security guard if we can take pictures & he said yes. SHOKUN shows up and woow so gorgeous, I couldn't believe my eyes. He greet us in English and waved to us because we were like SHOKUN!! from PERU, From COLOMBIA!  When he saw us his face was priceless. Super suprise to see the Latin corner. He bowed to us in sign of thanking. We were like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Super excited. we cannot stop shouting and making noise. Then came the movie. I liked it. Shokun is really adorkable hahaha.

Finally came the part of the Q&E. I think the person who was doing the questions wasn't prepare for it. His questions were really simple & he focused in SHOKUN and not the director. Finally they let the fans made some questions, when they said the last questions I was like PLEASE me!! and they say the girl from PERU I was like oh my gosh! no way. I have to be honest I was going to ask about how does he feel to be a super heroe  & probably become a role model for the children... but when he saw me face to face I kinda forgot about & I just thought and all my girls from ARASHI-PERU & the presents they prepared for him & I want him to know about it. So I told him that I read in a magazine he wants to visit Macchu Picchu & he nodded his head positive & also suprise that I knew about it. So I told him.. I brought a little piece of Macchu Picchu for you so I hope you can accept it. His face was sooooooooooo priceles when I show him the present like he couldn't believe it. He smiled at me & bowed to thanks for the present. All this it took no even 30 seconds. I was in shock when he thanked me. I was about to faint I think. My friends were holding my hand so I kept strong for a couple of minutes.  Everyone Stand up and greet before they leave.. SHOKUN turned around us and say bye to US, his latin corner.

Many people are saying that I shouldn't do it because SHOKUN is going to think bad of the fans...I don't think so because and artist  cannot be more grateful for their fans expressions of love and devotion. That means more market for them. Others said that I should stick with the questions about the movie, I tried for real but I'm a latingirl & we react differenty (At least most of us do). I don't think you have seen how are the concerts in latinamerican countries or how devoted we are when we love a group just check bands like RBD and you will see. We totally go crazy & we were really lucky to control ourselves and not run to SHOKUN & try to hug him (hehehe) that could it be worse I think hahaha.

So please girls do not think bad about me or that I tried to steal the spotlight. It was the oportunity to let him know that he has fans not only in ASIA but Latinamerica too. Like I said in my other post. I've been an ARASHI FAN since day one and fan of SHOKUN & MATSUJUN since 1998.  I worked my ass off to see them in concert in 2007, I work super hard in PERU to promote ARASHI in my country so they can get more popular in PERU. So for 30 seconds you can just judge me and criticize me and call me selfish, self-center or more.

We are all ARASHI FANS and we should be all together to continue promoting ARASHI.


  1. *dies* OMG!!!! You're really lucky Mirtha-chan ^^ Super emocionada :P Ya habia leido fanreports sobre esto y muchos te mencionan como : the girl from Perú :P

    Como dices, no creo que los organizadores pensaran que iba a haber tanta gente U.U y debieron tomar mas precauciones, sabemos que eso tiende a pasar siempre, en fin .

    Arigatou ~

  2. buuuuuuuu, perdi la oportunidad de haber stado cntigo T.T pro al menos no stuviste sola y tuviste el apoyo de tus amigas de colombia!

    LATIN POWER FIGTH OH!!! xD we latins are really crazy! just wait to see how i will be when i will see BSB i know saku-chan will tell you all about my behavior at the bsb concert xD geezzz we're latins yo!

    the non latin fans can see how crazy, specially peruvians are just watching the arashi's report that we worked so hard to get it.

  3. Mirthachan..gracias por el reporte estaba esperando leer tu opinión sobre lo que sucedió en verdad creo que cada uno hablamos de como nos va en la feria (dicho popular en México) y pues percibimos a la gente y su forma de actuar de manera muy distinta... estoy ahora segura que Sho aunque al principio quedó sorprendido, ahora en Japón debe estar contento de saber que hay tanta gente que admira y quiere a Arashi. Me da gusto que hayas logrado cumplir uno de tus sueños, en verdad que sí, dicen que debemos vivir para luchar por nuestros sueños y si lo que paso en NYC te hizo sentir bien a ti..lo demás no importa! Saludos y de nuevo, hontou ni omedetou gozaimasu!

  4. mirtha muy buen reportaje del envento...
    yo no creo que el se haya molestado por lo del regalo... mas bien se sorprendio de que alguien supiera algo de el y que le hayan traido algo de tan lejos...
    en todo caso, el entendera que hay diferencias de cultura y la gente reacciona diferente...
    en fin.. el caso es que cumpliste todas tus metas y ahora solo te falta robert pattison xD

  5. Only I said... "U´re the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt"...and Lov yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    Shocito hav his part of macchu picchu! ^___________^ !

  6. arigatu Mirtha *o* ayshhh queremos ya verte pronto T-T goshh ahh tantas cosas gahhhhh se sorpendio algo por lo de Machu picchu T-T ah es que el no tiene idea de que como fans nos grabamos todo EN NUESTRO CEREBRO XD hehee ahh sho si nos vieras xDD haha ahh ame todo Mirtha y no creo que te hayas portado mal ni nada es mas ^o^ creo que todos los reports hablan de ti *ö* sii sipppp es tan emocionante pero hasta ahora no leido uno que diga la chica que hizo mal noo noo mas bien te describen como que hiciste algo muy bonito n_n ahh  y concuerdo en esod e que u__ú las latinas somos mas amorosas y devotas como fans nose T-T alla pos ellas que quieran estar asi yo se que si lso veo pos estaria como mi Mayris xD hehehe ahh mirtha gracias por compartir esto y sabes que LOS SUEÑOS SI SE HACEN REALIDAD T-T es algo que tu nos enseñas gracias amiga y graciaspor traerte un pedacito de Arashi XD hehehe

    y a seguir MOVIENDONOS POR ESTA TORMENTA *-* ahh se me sale el kimochi y el feeling XDD  

  7. mirtha mirtha acabas de salir en tv nipona diciendo que sho es tu heroe mira mira andale a n_n ahi estas tu en tv con la bandera T-T oh goshh

  8. hihi! It was nice meeting you *girl in the purple coat*.
    I was SO happy to see that you got in to the theater, I really wanted everyone to get in. But I knew you had traveled a long way from Peru, so I really happy you got in!
    Sho looked directly at you when you were talking to him girl!!!! *dies from thinking of the hottness*

  9. aish mirtha no sabes todo lo q me he emocionado d todo lo q nos contaste esa vez y ahora al leer tu reporte ahhhh...realmente me hace muy feliz...kiero mas detalles sabes? ya nos veremos xD ahhh puse el vid en mi vox d donde sales *mas cries* hehehe super orgullosa....nos vmosssss

  10. Hey there. I am quite a new fan of Arashi - less than a year - but I totally understand your emotions. In fact, if I had the chance to meet/talk with Sho-kun, I might just faint or stutter or die of embarrassment. So I really admire your guts babe!!! 

  11. Mirtha, eres genial, eso nunca lo dudes. XD Las oportunidades que tenemos nosotros los latinoamericanos de hacernos sentir en el mundo son pocas y raras, asi que siempre las tomamos con pasión y fervor... si, es cierto que eso nos hace ver como "alocados", da igual, la vida hay que vivirla con todo y sin dejar ningún remordimiento, asi que: Hurra!!! Gracias por todo lo que haces por todas nosotras fan latinoamericanas de arashi!!! Un gran abrazo de parte mia desde venezuela.

  12. Al fin encuentro a la famosa Mirta!! Tu reporte me super encantó y la verdad no veo la razón por la cual alguien debiera pensar mal de vos, a mi entender sos una GENIA...tu idea de regalarle un pedacito de Macchu Picchu fue buenísima. En serio me parece que haces un trabajo bárbaro promocionando a ARASHI en Latinoamérica, ya llevás un buen rato haciendolo. Desde Argentina una fan de Arashi, te agradece. Y sí, los latinos somos diferentes, a mucho orgullo!! Si no nos entienden, problema de ellos. Espero algún día tener la oportunidad de vivir la décima parte de todo lo que has vivido con esta locura llamada Arashi. Desde el foro de Aibakaland y Argentina. Besos y abrazos!! We are proud of you! Arigatou!!

  13. [esto es genial] ESPERO K LO PUEDAS LEER TODO!! oh my! oh MY!!!!! u r soo freaking lucky!!!!!!!!!! love u girl!! ahora el sabe k las peruanas matamos por el!!! yo hiba a viajar demo (test week!!!!) estaba tan desanimada el viernes keria tirar los examenes y tomarme un avion!!! pero k se hace k bueno k estuviste ahi por k io si me hubiera tirado encima de sho-kun..ahora estuviera in the police station (pero con una sonrisa de oreJa a oreja XD!!) demostraste tener hagallas para hacerlo! ademas yo se k sho esta ahora muy feliz por el obsekio k le entregaste seguro se lo ensenio a O-CHAN, MATSUJUN, NINO Y AIBA!!!!!!!! eso es seguro por k es una muestra de amor de sus fans...eres lo maximo!!!! te pueden criticar pero TU hacabas de poner en el cerebro de sho-kun el PERU!!!!!!!!!!! y la satisfaccion de haberlo conocido nadie te la va a quitar!!! ademas hablan asi por k estan celosas de ti! osea sho-kun te vio hablando..sabe k existes!!!!!! y seguro recuerda tu cara cada vez k ve el obsekio!! so no te sientas mal..ERES LA MEJOR!!!

  14. Well, your question and your gifts didn´t affect or damaged Sho Sakurai or Arashi's reputation in any way so other *so-called* fans shouldn´t be mad at you, if they didn´t like what you did ...whatever, that's THEIR problem (dejalas morir de rabia/celos/colera o lo que sientan si así lo desean) and not yours, it's THEIR problem if they are mad ^O^ too bad for them because I know you're super duper happy ^^
    When I watched NYCC videos on YT all fans *screamed* like crazy girls (not just ONE but ALL OF THEM) from my point of view I don't like that attitude (actually I'm not used to scream and didn't do it at Shanghai concert although I had all of them virtually in front of me) BUT I respect it because it's a way to show your admiration for someone you love/like, it's not my style but it must be someone else's style and even if I don't like it I must respect that. In my case (at Shanghai concert) I cried, yes I cried when I saw Arashi (a silent cry, don't worry xD), some Chinese and Japanese saw me crying and that doesn´t mean I'm giving a embarrasing reputation to South/North American fans (for god's sake -_-  ) they were just surprised, that's all.
    My crying at Shanghai Grand stage was MY way to say I love Arashi, Mirtha's style to show her love was to give Sho-kun a present (and I heard another nice girl did it outside NYCC ^^) and talking in general, fans scream to say they love Arashi (but me xD does anyone want to join to my no screams club?? *lol*) and as I said before, it's a way to express love ^^ of course as long as we don't damage them.

  15. Si bien estoy de acuerdo con que le hayas dado un pedazo de machu pichu a Sho y le hayas demostrado que tiene fans no solamente en asia, europa y estados unidos, no me gusta que generalizes con el "but I'm a latingirl & we react differenty. I don't think you have
    seen how are the concerts in latinamerican countries or how devoted we
    are when we love a group just check bands like RBD and you will see. We
    totally go crazy
    & we were really lucky to control ourselves and
    not run to SHOKUN & try to hug him

    Sorry, pero ahí la embarraste. No justifiques tu actuar con el ser latinoamericana, ni tampoco nos metas a todos en el mismo saco. Yo también soy latinoamericana y no por eso me vuelvo loca en conciertos ni hago de stalker al artista que me guste. ¿Me cuesta controlarme? Lo normal para todos a mi parecer, no es como si fuera una obsesa que no sepa de límites.

    Fangirls desquiciadas hay en todos lados, no por ser latinas "nos enloquecemos y -casi- no podemos controlarnos". Para defenderte de las críticas te hubieras quedado sólo con el argumento de "No fue ofensivo ni tampoco gasté dinero en exceso, fue unicamente un presente de algo que Sho realmente quería conocer, un souvenir de un país que quería visitar y del que soy parte".

    En fin, esto es crítica constructiva, nada contra ti en específico. Encuentro genial que le hayas dado un regalo a Sho. Esas fans extremas que te criticaron están exagerando bastante el asunto. Ni que le hubieras dado algo ofensivo! Fue un regalo mas bien *cultural*, perfecto para Sho :)

  16. Hola Chicas! Gracias a todas x sus apoyo y sus comentarios. La verdad que este capitulo ya se cerro para mi y la verdad ya lo que digan las demas fans me resbala jajjaa. Yo cumpli con un sueno y si eso le molesto a muchas que puedo hacer. Las cosas pasan por algo y solo puedo decirles que SHOKUN se fue muy contento por el recibimiento que tuvo. Al dia siguiente volvi al booth de Yatterman y las personas del booth me recordaron y me dijeron que Shokun habia dicho que se sentia super emocionado del recibimiento que tuvo y que le iba a comentar a los chicos acerca de las fans de USA y de South America.

    Estuvo muy impresionado por el carino de las fans y que hayan venido de tan lejos solo para verlo.

    Asi que aquellas que dicen que Shokun se fue con una mala imagen, estan equivocadas pero bueno.. no hay que darle mas vuelta al asunto.

    Punto final para mi :)

  17. Ke coraje!!
    Yo me hubiese orinado, no podria hablar, el ingles se me olvidaria, a lo mejor si salto y trato de abrazarlo, y cuando ,,, hay noooo!!
    Me parece genial que lo hayas hecho como lo hiciste, imaginate si lo hubieses hecho de otra forma, ¿Te estarias arrepintiendo ahora?

    Pues cuando nos den el concierto privado, le preguntamos como se sintio y ya estuvo el cuento... aaaahhhhh tanto problema, ahora llamo a Aiba y le pregunto y fin de la discucion...

    Mirtha tienes mucha suerte y me generas muchas preguntas jejeje!! XD