Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shokun in New York

Sometimes the happiest moments come together with sad moments. On friday 6th was for me one of the best days of my life because I accomplished one of my dearest dreams that was to meet Shokun and let him know about the peruvian comunity but unfortunaly I was really surprise with some comments I've been finding out on the internet.

I feel really dissapointed about this because no one knows how important is ARASHI in my life and you are judgen me. I've been following their careers for  10 years & I'm fan of Shokun since he was a Junior.

So if I had the opportunity to contact and let him know about the peruvians fans, I was not letting it pass (after waiting for more than 11 hours without food just a cup of coffee & the terrible weather). Many of you are saying that I didnt behave like a real ARASHI fan. So tell me what is the standard of an ARASHI fan, the one who hold their emotions & follow whatever people say.

Sorry but I'm not japanese, I'm latina & we express all our emotions when we are super excited & happy. we cannot help it. I don't think that SHOKUN felt in any moment unconfortable or annoying. He looked very suprise & happy. Actually he looked kinda thankful for all the fans appreciations, screams & love.

Girls, we suppost to be all united and not creating conflicts between us. Is not our only purpose to get ARASHI to do more things overseas. How is ARASHI going to know if we don't raise our voice?.

An important ARASHI fan told me: "You have to do whatever is on your hands if you want to meet Shokun", and that's what I did. 

I don't want to create conflicts or anything like that I just want you not to critize me if you don't know the complete story.


  1. Ah, I'm sorry you've been having such a tough time. ;-; I'm sure your intentions were really good at heart. I think a couple of days from now many girls will realize this. I think we are all just so uptight because the prospect of Sho having had a rough time while here hurts a lot of us. And we are all a little snappy and brutal. Anyway, I think you posting this was a very valuable insight and I hope you wouldn't mind me posting this in the masterpost of Con reports, fancams, etc I've been making here:

    Please feel free to say no. No pressure at all. ^^ I only wish us girls could stick together. ;-;

  2. By the way, you are most definitely a REAL FAN. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


  3. *hugs you*
    Don't let it bother you. You are the most devoted Arashi fan I've ever met and I could never thank you enough for being there on our behalf.

    No puedo esperar para vernos nuevamente con las demás chicas y que nos cuentes con más detalles esta maravillosa experiencia. Cuidate muchísimo y recupera fuerzas. Ya sabes que tus amigas que te conocemos y sabemos lo que has tenido que pasar siempre te apoyamos <3

  4. I think you did what I and most other fans would have done. If we want Arashi to know about foreign fans, of course we have to make them notice us! So just go on, girl!

    I really envy you for being able to see Sho-kun in NYCC, I would have done anything to be there too. Hope there'll come more opportunities to see the members of Arashi outside Japan.

     .. and hopefully I will grow up VERY fast so that the next time a such opportunity comes, I'll be old enough and have enough money to go too x3Spread the Arashi love!!

  5. Mirtha-chan !! * million of hugs* Yo también leí algunos comentarios que me parecieron un poco inadecuados pero no podemos cambiar lo que piensa la demás gente, simplemente no dejar que las cosas te afecten. Yo también estoy de acuerdo con Yici en lo que tu eres the most devoted Arashi fan I've ever met y se te agradece mucho de todo lo que haces por el fanclub acá en Perú y de que hayas podido ir a NY a ver a Sho-kun !! Ellos saben que tienen fans en tods partes del mundo y espero que lo podamos ver mañana en News Zero ^^

    Se te extraña mucho MIrtha-chan !! Muchos besitos y saludos ^^

  6. Neechan!!!!!!! ganbare~ ya sabes q es lo q pienso de ti y lo q opino sobre esos comentarios asi q no tengo la necesidad de repetirlo, sabes q tienes mucha gente q te apoya y te conoce y te quiere x como eres. Muchisimas gracias x haber cumplido tu cometido y mas aun x hacer que Sho sepa de nosotras y haberle entregado los regalitos que le hicimos.

    You are a TRUE arashi fan!

  7. Sure not problem. I don't want to be misjudge or critice if they don't know about my side. Thanks!

  8. oh i'm adding you..are you la tormenta's friend?

    you are very brave to do it, because if i was there. i don't know what to do ..i read sho wasn't annoyed, he was surprised..

    so don't feel bad..and don't mind the others...

  9. Wa... Mirthiux... siempre lo hemos hablado ne-! No somos peiptas de oro para caerles biena  todo el mundo-! siempre habr´gente que por más que hacemos las cosas bien o tratamos de conseguir nuestros sueños, siempre nos ponen una piedra en el camino o se llenan la boca con cosas sobre nosotras.!
    Pero de verdad despreocupate... nosotras y la gente que te rodea sabemos como fué todo-! y no dejes que esa parte de fans, que nisikiera es una multitud te intimide con sus comentarios salidos del bote de la basura! Yo te super mega kiero! y te agradezco muchisimo x haber viajado hasta allá y sobre todo x haber cumplido con todo lo que te propusiste.-!

    Lov yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Oh lordy lordy, everything got blown way out of hand these just past two days. I'm working on the other two of my three reports now so hopefully we can spread some more positiveness around. Even if I disagreed with anything, I don't enjoy seeing fellow fans being put down or hurt. So, my apologies.

  11. I thought the present thing was so nice of you. I know it would be a huge mess if everyone brought a present, but it was only you (and a few others i think) I hope Sho got it and was happy.

    I'm glad you were able to get in! I remembered all the international fans and I was worried that some weren't able to attend.

  12. there were other fans that gave him presents...
    one of the guys from staff confirmed it.. he said that he got all the presents and was really happy about it..
    as a fan you have to try, cuz if you dont then you'll regret it later..
    entonces que bueno que si lo recivio mirtha ^.^
    daniel is da man xD

  13. te apoyamos seimpre tengo mas q decir...lov u y ya keremos verte....wiiiiii xD

  14. How do you do?

    I'm a Japanese fun of Arashi.

    I saw you in Japanese TV `MEZAMASHI TV' (morning news).

    I was so surprised and glad  that  there was Arashi funs in PERU!

    l hope Arash will visit  PERU in the near future.