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Woow! a report about Shokun in NPR Intern

Thanks to my super sweet friend Kelly ( I miss you friend!!!) for sending me this link. This is a report about Shokun in New York. I'm so excited!!!

This is a report in the website

NPR Intern Edition


Fo’ Sho: Arashi Fans at Comic-Con

February 17th, 2009  |  Published in Arts & Entertainment

photo by Christopher Toothman

On Feb. 6 in Manhattan, a crowd of girls gathered underneath a large window. They waved homemade posters covered in hearts. They hoisted signs bearing the face of an attractive young man. They sang songs, chanted the name of their beloved pop-star, and screamed enthusiastically when he finally appeared.

The weird part? It was at the New York Comic Convention.

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Their boy-band frenzy—which seemed more MTV than Marvel—was on behalf of Sho Sakurai. Sho is a Japanese pop-star and member of the boy band Arashi. He’s a bona fide celebrity in Japan– he’s acted in films, reported for major sporting events, and appeared in television programs– but he is relatively unknown in the US, even to comic book fans (and they specialize in obscure celebrities).

Sho stars in the upcoming Japanese film Yatterman, a live-action movie based on a popular Japanese anime series. Anime is one of the tangential “pop culture” topics covered by comic conventions these days, so the premiere screening of Yatterman happened at the New York Comic Convention. As publicity for the movie, Sho agreed to appear in a glass-fronted office overlooking the exhibition floor of the convention and wave at his fans.

Destini Johnson, a devoted Arashi fan, came from Las Vegas to see Sho. But she said that her trip was nothing compared to the distances travelled by some of the fans. “People flew in from France, Peru, Las Vegas, London– people are coming from all kinds of places just to see him today,” she told me. Destini had only found out about the event two weeks earlier. She had booked a flight to New York immediately.

One of the globe-trotting Sho devotees in attendance was Mirtha Coral of Lima, Peru. “I’ve been a fan since day one, September 13, 1999,” Mirtha proudly stated. “I have VHS, I have all their videos, all their books, I even have an Arashi tattoo.” She plans on getting another tattoo to mark the band’s tenth anniversary. Mirtha says her love of Arashi has inspired her to work hard, travel, and make sacrifices—all in the name of fandom.

photo by Christopher Toothman

Mirtha and her friends Louisa Ramirez and Kelly Trahus—also from Lima—agreed that they adore Arashi because the band “transmits a lot of love and unity.” Of course, Louisa admitted, it helps that Sho is “really cute.”

Sho’s appearance lasted roughly 30 seconds. He stood in the office window, waved and smiled at his fans, then left with his troupe of managers and security. Fans with tickets to the advance screening of Yattermanwould later see Sho give a small speech to introduce the movie. For the rest of Sho’s fans, however, this appearance was the only glimpse of Sho they might have.

I asked April Libao, an Arashi fan from the New York area, if she was disappointed not to see more of Sho. She said sure, but added that seeing Sho through a glass window was “definitely cheaper than, like, flying to Japan and going to the concert.”

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