Friday, April 03, 2009

Storm News! Episode 14th - Second Season

Hi Minnasan!

Here is a new episode of Storm News. Today's program is about the fans. We really want to thank everyone who sign for the petition. We gathered 5,000 signatures so now comes the next step. Do you want to know what it is.. find out in the program :)



  1. WoW!!!..Sugoi!!!..Can't help but to feel proud too....Really Arashi fans are the best!!!

    I love your of my wish come true!!!

    Arigatou!!!...Wish you all success!!!

    I'm just here to support you guyz!!!

  2. Thank you! I'm so happy to count with more ARASHI FANS. Let's keep working hard to promote ARASHI :)

  3. Hi..It's me again

    a This week i saw Arashi @ Mtv China for Belive Pv getting the no. 1 spot and now you said they're on Mtv Brazil too...I'm happy...

    I just want to see about you're talking Arashi in Mtv Brazil..I just go to www. a while ago but i didn't saw it!!!...Tell me the instruction on how/ where to watch it coz it's written in peruvian language..I can'tunderstand.

  4. Here is the direct link for MTV Brazil.

    also if you go to just have to go where the flash is an hit the word AQUI :)

    We are working in a english site too :)