Thursday, May 14, 2009

ARASHI is invading PERU like a Storm!

Hi girls! remember that back in february 2009. We got an Arashi's especial in one of the popular programs here. Many of you as us for the subs so thanks to Natty_lu y Andreix .

ARASHI in the Peruvian TV

Especial with English Subs

ARASHI in peruvian's newspaper & magazines

Gama Magazine No. 15 (Mayo 2009)

Imagen 012

Zona Joven Magazine No. 62

A poster of ARASHI & the picture of the Fan Club


Zona Joven Magazine No. 55
** **

El Men Newspaper (April 2009)

A free poster of ARASHI!!!

Credit for the pics Andreix!!!


  1. ahora son producto peruano XD

  2. [esto es genial] haha yesh!! aunk suene raro ne-!!... no es necesario darme los credits Mirthiux! ^_______ ^

    Lov yaaaaaaaaaaa...

  3. OMG.. sugoi! I wish there is something like this in Ireland. I am the only onethat I know love ARASHI so much.




    GUys, keep up the good works. let's the arashi's boys know, they are loved everywhere in this world. I am so proud of you guys!

  4. Thank you Melonz!

  5. Sugui na!!!!

    You effort has finally paying off... Maybe the boys will do a concert in Peru

  6. That will be AWESOME!! hehehe