Thursday, May 14, 2009

ARASHI PERU: Himitsu our 6th projection. One year celebrating ARASHI




Well ARASHI PERU is going to celebrate their first year doing ARASHI PROJECTIONS. So a new year is coming an we are going to begin with Nino's B-day. The most excited thing is that after doing the projections in small cinemas, now we are going to do it in one of the most popular Cinema of Peru: CINEPLANET.

I'm sooo proud for all the peruvians fans and ARASHI PERU Staff that without them this things wouldn't happen.

So the girls are soooo happy that they even made trailers for the projection. I wanna share them with all of you :)

This one was made by my dearest Pichan (Andreix)


Trailer 1

This one was made for my partner in crime Marisol


Trailer 2


  1. hasta con trailer *o* que locazo :D

  2. haha k roche... sta posteado aki XD.!! hahaha los fake subs stan mui graciosos!... nadie kiere k Nino deje de ser kakkoi ne! ^^

  3. jajaja, pi!! nuestros proyectos!! *las más quemadas* eso pasa cuando estamos en nuestros momentos crack! xD