Thursday, May 14, 2009

International Fan Club Petition - Japanese Version

Hi Minna-san!

I´m so excited that this project created for ARASHI - PERU, now it reached Japan. Our friend


told me that she was super excited about the petition that we began in this year ( and also she mentioned that  we could get more attention from the media if we can do it in Japanese, Yatta!. So far we don´t have a deadline for this petition so please vote hehe

Remember that our first goal was to gather 5,000 signatures for april 2009 and We DID it! Then we propose another goal: 7,000 signatures by May 2009. We are almost getting there.

So Yuuhi wanted to help us and she created an International Petition in japanese, so people from their country also can help us to reach this wonderful dream.  It feels so good when ARASHI FANS work together.

Here is the link:

☆the way to sign☆

1.Please Click  [今すぐ署名する](I will sign right now)

2.Please write

[お名前](name or nickname)by full-size characters.

[メールアドレス](e-mail address)※
[年齢](age)by halfl-size characters.
[性別](the distinction of sex) choose 男性(man)or女性(woman)
[都道府県](address) choose 海外(foreign countries)
and write your nationality in [コメント].

※ The site will not let me (or other persons) know your mail address.

3.Please Click[確認画面に進む](go to the screen for confirmation )

4.[上に表示された画像の数字を入力してください] (Input  above numbers )

5.Please Click[送信する](send your signature )

6.The site will send you an e-mail.In 24 hours click the URL in the mail.

So now we have 2 ARASHI International Fan Club Petition. One in English and the other in Japanese. Don´t forget to continue voting in this petition:



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  1. Sugoiii Thanks Yuuhi.! ^_____________^ !! Thanks x support us-! *ya votéeeeeeeeeeeee XD*