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2014.11.10 AD - Vanishing like mist.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"To vanish like mist."[1]

[BGM ‘Zero-G’]

Those are really difficult words! Or aren’t they? Clouds dispersing, mist vanishing… those are the words. They’re not that difficult.

This is (laughs) is a four-word idiom meaning like clouds or mist vanishing, when something disappears without a trace.

Ahh. For example: 'Ohno Satoshi was worrying over the choreography for several songs for the concert tour, but as he went, “Take that!” and minced the fish on the chopping board, those thoughts vanished like mist.'

That’s an example. (laughs) I see. To vanish like mist, huh? So to disappear without a trace.

This is in a slightly different sense, but I’m thinking up choreography, right? So for several days, I’m like ‘take that!’ coming up with stuff. So it’s done, and then when I’m passing the steps on to the members, as usual, they learn it quickly. It’s a shock. I’m happy, but it’s still a shock. Vanishing without a trace… Well, not that it does, but like, all the stuff saved up until now… I’m happy that they learn all the steps that I’m passing to them, but they can memorise them in about an hour. That’s fast! Seriously.

In doing that, it’s like, ah! The stuff I’ve been working so hard over for days can be completely memorised in about an hour by these people. At times like that, I’m happy, but it’s still a shock. (laughs) In this way.

Like, I’d been so anguished over that one-eight part. Like, 'it's not coming to me, it's not coming to me… Ah, I've got it! Yeah, that's it!' And then that one-eight is like… learnt in 2 minutes.

'Ah! They already learnt it!' Like that. So that happens too.

It’s complicated, I thought. I’m gradually starting to understand how choreographers feel. (laughs) After worrying and worrying over it, then when you give it to them, everyone just learns it so fast.

At that moment, it’s like, all the hard work up ‘til now… It really feels like it’s gradually vanishing. 'Ah… It's gone. Ah, there's just the coda part left. Ahh, the coda's gone! They've already learnt it.' Kinda like that.

So there are moments like that. Several times. I’d like to hear the views of choreographers. Like when you’re worried about whether it’ll come to you. Or when you teach it to people and they learn fast, like the feeling I’ve been describing. I’d like to ask about that. Doesn’t that happen?

I’d like to ask choreography teachers this. I’d like to empathize. Well, basically, for dance. There’s a ton of genres, even creative dance, anything’ll do. I’d like to know how you feel when coming up with the choreography. And then I kinda feel like I can work harder next time.(laughs)

Like whether you’re the type who does it alone, or the type who has an assistant. I’d like to know. Is that kinda rare? I’d still like to ask for submissions, though. Please write in without hesitation!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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