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2014.11.12 AD - Rock-hard relationship.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"Fellowship of metal and stone."[1]

[BGM ‘Zero-G’]

'金石 / kinseki' is written with the kanji for ‘gold’ and ‘stone’. This expresses a solid, unchanging friendship. Also, it is used as a metaphor for a camaraderie that will never change. Oh, I see.

This was sent in by listener Taka-chan. The message reads:
"Oh-chan, your fellow Johnny and peer Machida-kun wrote about you in his journal. So Oh-chan and Machida-kun met at a magazine interview, huh?'He had a sleepy face and unkempt hair. What was with this apathetic guy? It was a wonderful first meeting.' That’s what he wrote. Oh-chan, do you remember when you met Machida-kun?”

Machida-san, huh? That’s right, Machida-san entered the agency at the same time as I did. It’s already our 20th anniversary.

And then when we were Juniors together, we danced together. We were called the ‘OhMachi combi’. We ate together. We went around in private quite a lot together too, Machida-san and I. Mm.

That’s right, the other day, it was our 20th anniversary. On 16th October. About a month ago. And then I received a message. Just when I thought of sending one, I received one first! (laughs) It arrived on 16th October, 11.38PM. Man, that was a great email.

'Congrats! 20 years! How scary!' (laughs) 'Kids who were born at that time are now 20 years old! How scary!'

'A lot has happened over these 20 years but I'm always grateful. I'll be glad to maintain this never changing, nonchalant relationship. On that note, let's go eat, k?' (laughs) 'I'll come over to your place to play.' (laughs)

Man, really. I don’t remember my first meeting with Machida. Machida’s first impression of me was that, right? Was my hair that messy?

Machida, now, ever since our Junior days, well, he always had it together. He loved fashion. So Machida would often, back in the day, be wearing loose white trousers that were in fashion. I didn’t wear them, but Machida did, and we went to Kamakura. And then on the coastlands, there was something like the corpse of a puffer fish. We were like, "It’s fake, isn’t it? It’s hard, so it’s a fake, right?" and we were trying to break it up.

And so we were hitting it on a rock and it wouldn’t break, so we were like"It’s a fake, right?" And then we managed to break it by stomping on it. And then the stuff inside spurted out everywhere. And that got onto Machida-san’s beautiful white trousers. He was so mad! (laughs) Of course he would be.

But well, truly, in this year, I’d like to meet up at least once. There’s the (concert) tour and all, but with us it’s fine whenever. Um, I’ll have Machida-san’s beloved puffer fish ready. (laughs) A rock-hard puffer fish.

When that happens, please come wearing white trousers! (laughs)

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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