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2014.11.18 AD - Toil and trouble.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"Painstaking toil and moil (ryuuryuu shinku).”[1]

[BGM ‘Zero-G’]

Never heard of it. (laughs) This is… ‘Ryuuryuu (粒粒)’ is written with the word ‘bit’ from ‘a bit of BAKE, two bits of BAKE’. ‘Shinku’ is comprises the kanji from ‘difficult (辛く)’ and ‘painful (苦しい)’.

This is a four-word idiom meaning to work painstakingly, going through hardships and exerting great effort in order to accomplish something.

Ah, I see. This was sent in by listener Yuruki-san. The message reads:
"Oh-chan, good day. I learnt of this phrase during my high school kanji test. Apparently it originated from the toil and moil that farmers put in to harvest grain, bit by bit. Isn’t that wonderful? You can’t bear fruit unless you painstakingly work hard. It’s a phrase that gives me courage even now. Oh-chan, has there been anything that you’ve been painstakingly working on lately?"

Ahh. Painstakingly working on stuff is hard, huh? It’s like, 'will this ever end?' For example, like dramas and stuff, I guess?

It’s painstakingly shot, right? For the whole day, filming from morning to night. If they don’t film it all on that day, it won’t make it in time for the schedule or the airing date. At times like that, well, even if it’s scheduled to end at 11pm, there are times when it’s greatly delayed, right? So at times like that… (laughs) It’s like, 'Eh? We're still only at this part?'

'We can't end until we've filmed this part' often ends up like, 'Isn't it morning already?' It’s really a rush.

But you’ve gotta painstakingly film it or it doesn’t work. You can’t just film it in one go.

It often happens where there are misunderstandings. Um, like for serial dramas, they’re an hour long, right? So there are people who think they’re shot in an hour. I’ve heard them by chance saying stuff like, 'Oh, really? So it can be shot in a week!'

But man, so a layman wouldn’t know that. Mm. Man, when I was a kid, I thought that, too. Before I entered this industry. I wondered why it couldn’t go at an even faster pace. It’s really painstaking work, though. You’ve got to take the same scene several times, change the camera angles, pan in, pan out, film from someone’s point of view.

Well, it also depends on the director. But for dramas, after the painstaking shoot and when it’s on air, you’d watch it and be like, 'So that's how it looks! That all-nighter shoot we did!'

Mm. Man, so there’s all sorts of painstaking work involved. Though it’s important to do painstaking work. Mm.

So for those of you doing painstaking work now, it’ll definitely pay off. Yeah. Rather than taking a shortcut, the slow and steady way is the best.

So on that note, I’ll also be doing things painstakingly!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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