Thursday, November 27, 2014


2014.11.19 AD - When tired, use footwork.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"When people get tired, they use footwork. By doing that, the energy definitely gets going again."[1]

[BGM ‘Imaging Crazy’]

I see. Footwork’s important.
This is a quote by Hawaii-born boxing trainer Eddie Townsend-san. Eddie-san is a famous trainer best known for training Guts Ishimatsu-san, Ioka Hiroki-san and various others, making a total of 6 world champion boxers.

That’s amazing. Mm. Tired… I wonder what it’d be for me? For me… With regards to choreography, naturally I’ll have various things that I come up with, various moves I try out… it tires me. And so when I go back - when I go back early, my manager’ll be like:
"Um, Ohno-san. Uh, you’ll be coming up with more choreography tomorrow, right? From what time would you like the studio?"

"Ah, from about 1PM? Is the studio free the whole day?"

"Ah, the studio’s free for the day."

"Ahh, in that case, let’s just go without a fixed end time."

"Ahh, sure,"
 I’ll say, right? So to my manager, even if he might not think that I’ll be at it ‘til midnight, but he’ll think that I’ll be doing it until the evening at least.

(laughs) And so I’ll go, right? I don’t know how long I’ll take, either. I just prepare myself. So I go at 1PM, to start with. Yeah. I’ll get in at 1PM, have a meal. And then it’d be nearly 2PM, right? Well, so I figure I’ll start from 2PM onwards. (laughs) And then from 2PM I’ll have the music playing. And then I’d be like, 'Nothing's coming to me'. So I just space out and be like,'Nothing's coming…' And then when I think that today’s a write-off, I say to my manager, 'I'm going home!'

"Eh! Eh? EH??"

My manager was surprised. He’d thought I’d be there until evening. Mm. Seemed like it was hopeless. I’d come all prepared, like today, 'yeah, today I'm definitely gonna do it, I'm getting it down today, it's now or never' and he thought I’d persist at it from 1 to about 7, maybe 8PM. Like a 6 hour or so battle.

And then I’d been all, 'Yeah! I'm gonna get it down today', but at best it was, what, 3 hours? Then I went home. Whether it’s hopeless or going well, that’s about all the focus I have. (laughs)

That’s why it’s all over by evening, most definitely. (laughs) It was like that for the choreography this year, too. Mm. Well, I have moments like that.

Everybody has various things that tire them. Well, shall we close there? Mm. For me, when I tire, I immediately go home and sleep. Then I’ll definitely have the energy going again. I’m just stating the obvious, aren’t I?(laughs)

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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