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2014.11.21 AD - Of English exams and musical mothers.

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Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Every Friday I respond to the messages received on this show.

First up is one from high-schooler Akane-san.
"Ohno-kun, good morning. Please listen. The other day, Ohno-kun said this English phrase: 'There's no accounting for taste'[1], or in Japanese, 'Even the worms that eat knotweed have their preferences' and it came up in my midterm exams.”
"It was originally in the syllabus for the exams, so amongst my Ohno-kun fan friends, we’d agreed that no matter what came out, we’d definitely write about this if it came out. When it did appear, we were like, 'IT CAME OUT! ^___^' Seriously, thank you very much. From now on, if there are any questions that seem like they’d appear in an exam, please tell us.”

That’s amazing! So that sort of question came up. How handy, huh?

But man, I’m happy about that, I am. Let’s keep gradually doing this from now on. If my shoddy English will do. Yeah, let’s hope the next one comes out in your exams, too. I’ll do my best.

Next, one from Masato-san.
"Satoshi-kun, good morning. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary of joining the agency. Even from now on, I’ll always love you. I’ll support you! If you have any Junior-era never-talked-about-before secret anecdotes, please tell us."

Man, there’s stuff I’ve never talked about before, of course. But I can’t talk about them! Since most of the are really stupid. Machida[2] was always like, "Wouldn’t it be funny if we did that?" all the time. Everything was instigated by Machida. And then to start with, everyone wouldn’t want to do it. Yeah, and every time Machida would get all sulky. (laughs) What a baby!

'Right, just give it a go,' he’d say. And then when we did it, it’d turn out to be really funny as a result. So well, please ask Machida-san for the details! You’re not going to hear it from my lips. It’s a secret! It’s a secret.

Next, from Yokohama, from Taa-san.
"Oh-chan, good morning. I just gave birth to a baby boy in July and I’m a newbie mother. When I was pregnant, on commuter trains, I’d listen to Ohno-kun’s songs on repeat, but after I gave birth, I rarely have times to leisurely listen to Arashi-san’s songs. The other day, when my son was fussing, Ohno-kun appeared on TV on that milk cocoa commercial. When that happened, although my son had seemed sleepy up until then, all of a sudden, his eyes just popped open and he was listening for the sound of Ohno-kun’s voice. I figured it was just a coincidence, so I went to the Morinaga homepage and played Ohno-kun’s commercial again. He had the same reaction. It seemed like he remembered the sound of the voice he’d heard while he was still in my tummy. And to think he still doesn’t recognise my husband’s voice yet! Ohno-kun, do you remember things from when you were in your mother’s womb?”

Hmm, why is that, I wonder? Maybe the wavelength of my voice scared the baby? But like, it happened in the past too. For Kaibutsu-kun’s 'Kaaai kai kai'. So um, I said, 'kaaai kai kai' in front of this autistic child. I’m happy about that. It’s just that, even before your husband’s voice? That’s kinda curious.

Well, but it can’t be helped. How was it for me when I was in my mother’s womb?

In the past, my mum used to listen to music when I was in her tummy. So at the time, what my parents listened to was Matsuyama Chiharu-san andNoguchi Goro-san. I’ve probably been listening to them since I was born. So for me, when I go to sing karaoke, I sing those songs.

Like one called 'Aoi Ringo' by Noguchi Goro-san. Once, when I was 16, I went for karaoke and I said that I might sing that song. So once we were in there, I ended up singing it all without realising it. And then all the Juniors around me at the time were like, "Well, aren’t you refined!" (laughs)

"No, but this is my first time (singing it)!" So I guess whatever you hear when you’re in your mother’s tummy is important.

Next, from Sao-chan.
"Satoshi-kun, good morning. The other day, the news was on and apparently a 'Back to the Future'-style hoverboard has finally been created. We haven’t reached that level of technology yet, but the fact that'Back to the Future' was set in 2015 gives me goosebumps. Ohno-kun, you previously mentioned that you wanted to ride one. For all we know, the day that Ohno-kun gets to ride one might not be far off; I’ll be looking forward to it!”

Really? This? There’s a video clip of this! I wanna see this.

Oh, it’s floating! It’s going round and round! There’s something that looks like a skateboard bank? Ohh, amazing! It’s going round and round! That’s so cool! It’s floating about 25mm off the ground. I’d love to try this.

There’s stuff like that lately, though, right? At the seaside and all. The ones that float over the surface of the water.

Man, the future is changing. I’d never have imagined myself in 2015, as a kid. So this is how it turns out. But well, it’s gradually improving. It’s coming out in the news, huh? It’d be interesting if we rode those at concerts, huh? Mm. Man, I’m kinda looking forward to it. Thank you very much.

And so with that, the weekly Friday messages have been answered. I’ll be awaiting your mail. The address is I’ll be waiting for you to send me lots of messages.

See you next week; this was Ohno Satoshi!


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