Thursday, November 27, 2014


Translation from Ohno Discovery@tumblr

2014.11.25 AD - Ephemeral.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!


[BGM ‘Kamenbutoukai (Masquerade Ball)’ by Shounentai]

This is a phrase meaning a makeshift, temporary thing. It can also mean rash, impulsive and so on. In kanji, the phrase is written with the ‘仮’ (kari / provisional) of ‘仮契約’ (kaikeiyaku / provisional contract) and the ‘初’ (hatsu / first) of ‘初出場’ (hatsushutsujou / debut).

I hide behind a mask, under the pretense of shyness
Dance! Dance! For this one ephemeral night…

That’s it. With our senior Shounentai’s participation, if you please! Forgive me! (laughs)

Man, but this song… It’s 'Kamenbutoukai' (Masquerade Ball) by Shounentai-san. But well, I’m much indebted to Shounentai-san, truly.

I’ve been influenced by them in so many ways. With one thing or another, I’ve said that ever since my Junior days, the reason I’m hooked on jazz dance is thanks to Shounentai-san. Truly. Mm. Since then, I figured I’d do jazz dance. Mm. In Kyoto. I mean, I got to sing a whole load of Shounentai songs. Mm.

And then when I went back to Tokyo, just before I thought of quitting, I appeared in Shounentai’s 'PLAYZONE' once. That was the first time I properly got to work with the three of them, wasn’t it? But even then, it wasn’t… V6’s Tonisen had some other job and couldn’t appear that day? Um, that’s when I made my appearance.

The time when I actually properly got to work with them was after we’d become Arashi, when I was 20 years old. Um, I was the only one in Arashi who appeared in 'PLAYZONE'. With TOKIO’s Matsuoka-kun and Inohara-kun, the three of us. We were triple-casted in it. That was the first time. Where we properly acted together and properly got involved. I was much obliged to them at that time, truly.

In the midst of that, Uekusa-san was like a parent and really took good care of us. And then I didn’t really know why but in my green room, there was a shower and a bath there. And then about 20 minutes before the performance, I’d soak in the bathtub. Back then. I don’t really know why but I’d use it to soak in. I don’t remember why I used to soak like that, though!(laughs)

So Uekusa-san would suddenly barge in and say to me while I was buck-naked, "What are you doing?"


"There’s 20 minutes to go! Why are you in the bath?"

And that became like a routine every single time. He’d burst in every time.(laughs)

I have quite a lot of those memories. Well, they’re people I admire. Ever since I was a Junior. Mm. I was happy to be able to work so closely with them. Yeah. I totally haven’t met them since. I’d like to meet them. Yeah. I totally haven’t met Uekusa-san at all. I totally haven’t met Nishikiori-san, either. I can definitely say that if the opportunity arises, I’d definitely like to meet them.

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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