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2014.11.11 AD - Recall by smell.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"Nothing recalls the past so potently as a smell."[1]


(laughs) Did you get that?
This is a quote by British politician and Nobel laureate Winston Churchill-san.

For those who didn’t understand: "Other than smell, there is nothing that helps remember the past as clearly". That’s what I said.

This quote was sent in by listener Hacchan. The message reads:
"It’s exactly as this quote says. The other day, when I happened to smell a certain tree, I vividly recalled the wooden chair that I made in my middle school technical arts class. To be brought as far back as that scene; that was truly a wonder."

I understand. That happens, that sort of thing. For me, I say this every time, but there’s the smell of spring. Mm. It’s kinda exciting. It’s like, 'from this point, summer's nearly here!' It brings me back to my childhood.

Then when it becomes autumn… When it becomes autumn, like, there’s that, right? It becomes kinda desolate. Since summer’s over or something.

And then, um, when you pass by a woman. Women have their scents, right? So at those times, in elementary school, the girls… They didn’t use perfume, but it was probably their shampoo or something. They smelled good. It reminds me of that.

Not only that, but I liked that sort of thing. That feeling. Like, the classroom really had that sort of feel to it, too. Recalling that. Man, so that sort of thing, smell really recalls things.

Like, um, I don’t know the exact smell, but there’s that smell of nostalgia, isn’t there? No? I don’t know. Like if wafts by and you just think that.

For that, you just naturally remember, right? The memory just awakens at once. And then like the smell of the rehearsal rooms’ stairway to the toilet. It has that.

So when I smell that, I don’t know why but, um, I recall the spring of 2008. It was probably the spring of 2008. When we used that studio. So in 2008… um, whenever I use the stairs to the toilet, I always recall the spring of 2008.

Mm. Man, it’s interesting. 'Ahh, how nostalgic! It's really nostalgic!' Smells never change, huh? Yeah.

Man, from now on, I’d like to keep smelling different smells. (laughs)

Eh? But people all have smell fetishes. I mean, there are loads of smelly ones, right? Yeah. So at some point, if you have anecdotes about smells, share them with us! (laughs) I’d like to hear those from everyone. Mm, so asking your favour please!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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