Sunday, December 21, 2014

[Radio] Arashi Discovery 18Dec14 / Arashi Discovery del 18Dic14

Credito: OhnoDiscovery@tumblr

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"A good man is one who forms groups and shines all the more vividly for it."

[BGM ‘Zero-G’]

Oh, that’s cool. This is a quote by Japanese female writer Hayashi Mariko-san, from her essay 'Rushing into Middle Age'. This was sent in by listener Akiko-san. The message reads:
"The Digitalian concert was like a dream; I had a wonderful time. The five kings of Arashi certainly filled the dome with a refreshing vividness. I was happy to see Oh-chan’s solo and celebration. The pen lights made for fairytale-like scenery, didn’t it? It was like a wonderful dream."

Ohh. Thank you very much for coming. Well, um… we got to make the best of each area and got to eat pretty tasty things too. That in itself was… Ah, that’s right, in Nagoya and all it snowed. It was really cold backstage and all, but once you came out to the front, it was incredibly hot. The heat coming from everyone was incredible. It was very keenly felt.

Mm. The concerts this time passed in a flash, too. Mm. The concerts were extremely fun.

For me, um, I’ve become able to properly sleep in a bed. In the hotel. Um, well, up until now, as long as there was a sofa, I’d always been sleeping on the sofa. But this time round, I had a perfect score of sleeping in the bed. Yeah.

Lately, even at home, I’ve been sleeping in my bed. Yeah, since everyone was telling me to do so. (laughs) Especially MatsuJun, he’s been really going on about it. "Well, you’d better not sleep on the sofa." He said that, that guy. But when we were in Nagoya, when we went back to the hotel on the last day, um, when they were starting to pack things back into the crates… I kinda fell asleep on the sofa. "What are you doing?" (laughs)Guess I was tired. Before I realised it, it was morning.

But well, I don’t really know. I’ve become able to sleep in a bed, but since I’ve gotten used to sleeping on sofas in the past, the moment I end up lying on the sofa in the green room, I become sleepy.

So it’s a little… I’ve been doing my best to sleep on beds! I’ll be able to entirely just sleep in beds soon, I think.

Um, for hotel beds, right… Why are the bed covers and all tucked deep into the bed? (laughs) 

I wonder why that is? All hotels are like that. Is it a rule or something? I hate it when my feet can’t poke out. So I’ve gotta at least rip it out and let my feet through. Surprisingly, if they go right inside, it’s like… "Ah, it’s impossible!"And I rip it out with my hands, though.

But for me, right, in futons and stuff, I hate it when my feet don’t at least stick out somewhere. (laughs) That happens, right? Often. It definitely happens. I kinda want to take submissions for this, too. (laughs) 

Mm. Like things you’re particular about when you sleep. Man, like I’m sure there are things. So this time I’m taking submissions. Think about it.

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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