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[Radio] Arashi Discovery if 09Dec14 / Arashi Discovery con Ohno Satoshi del 09dic14

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2014.12.09 AD - Interesting lives are filled with interesting things.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!
"Those with lots of unpleasant and interesting experiences in their youth live a more interesting life than those without."[1]


Ahh, that’s true. It’s better to experience lots of things.
This is a quote by the writer-talent multifaceted former Tokyo governor,Aoshima Yukio-san. Unpleasant experiences, interesting experiences - the more intense they are, the more interesting a live you’ll lead. Young folks, it’s important to go out there and do and experience all sorts of things without delay. Right, so get out there!

Right? Like a musical. Man, but I guess that’s true. I wonder if I’ve had that? Like, well, in my twenties, I really did all sorts of things, I guess? Really, um, in terms of TV shows, I feel like I’ve done all sorts of things. Um, I feel like we did quite a lot of stupid things or things which made us go, "Isn’t that dangerous??"

Right? So like we did a lot of experiment-type things. So at first, it was unpleasant. (laughs) But eventually it became interesting - we had a lot of experiences like that. Well, I’m grateful now. You really rarely get to do those things, right? I went skydiving once. I’m really glad I did.

Initially, you just plunge right down in a nose dive. Like at 200km/h or something. Even though I’d never done anything like it before. And that was for an experiment!

I thought we’d start off flying around. Then the stuff we tried out while falling was like, if you turned an hourglass around, how would the sand in it move?

MatsuJun, now, while mid-fall, he had to find out what would happen if you ate cup noodles! Or something. (laughs)

Arashi’s done a lot of that sort of thing. Stupid things, right? We’ve done them all.

And then like, um, haunted location shoots and stuff. It’d get pretty dangerous for Aiba-chan. (laughs) Mm.

But well, we did all sorts of things. I’d never worn stockings in my life, but for a show, I got to wear stockings. (laughs) That was funny. When you’re wearing a stocking (over your head), you look hideous, right? With everything all squashed. Then the moment you free your squashed face, you feel refreshed.

Now that’s an effective way to give your cheeks a lift. (laughs) I’m just randomly saying that, though! Mm.

Well, ever since then, I personally, well… even in my private time, I started to want to do more interesting things. Like lately, I haven’t really been adventurous.

I’m still young! I’d like to do some interesting things in my thirties. Yeah. Well, in the distant future, I’ll think of something. Yeah. I’ll think of something interesting to do without injuring myself!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi!



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