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[Radio] Arashi Discovery with Ohno Satoshi 08Dec14 / Arashi Discovery con Ohno Satoshi del 08Dic14

Credit for the English Translation - Ohnodiscovery

2014.12.08 AD - Beauty in ugliness.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"The eye that cannot find beauty in ugliness is unable to discover anything."[1]

[BGM ‘Zero-G’]

I see. Certainly. This is a quote by French movie director Marcel Carné-san. It means that you cannot just have one assumption about things. One should cultivate eyes that can find beauty in the midst of ugliness.

Yeah, definitely. You could say that again. Same goes for animals and stuff, right? There are those ugly dogs, right? But like, that’s precisely why people want to keep them. Pretty dogs are pretty, but you get tired of looking at them. For example, like bulldogs, their eyes are all scrunched up with wrinkles and stuff, right? And their sleeping face looks pretty ugly, right? But like, it suddenly changes, doesn’t it? Like you just want to keep looking at it.(laughs)

Same goes with fish. Like anglerfish, it’s like, 'Seriously??' (laughs) But they’re delicious to eat. There are a lot of fish like that.

Mm, I mean, you wouldn’t eat tropical fish, right? Who was the first one who decided to try eating scorpionfish? I wonder. The name of the first person who decided to try eating it isn’t recorded in history, is it? I’m really curious about that. Same with sea urchin. Such a spiky thing. Why would you eat something with that light orange colour? It just looks poisonous, doesn’t it?

Initially. But the person who first ate it… why isn’t their name left behind? Like, 'The first person who ate sea urchins was so-and-so'. Right?? I’ve never heard of a single one.

I bet it was probably a forfeit or something. Um, like some powerful person, when their underlings messed up, they probably went, "Hey, try eating the insides of this. Try it."

And then it’d be like, "Eh? It’s actually delicious."

"Eh? You’re lying! Eat another one."

And then they probably ended up stuffing their face and then the powerful person would end up eating it too. "What’s with this?"

I bet it was something like that. So that’s why their name isn’t recorded in history. Mm. I often think of all sorts of things. But poisonous things likepufferfish… The same goes for pufferfish, right? Since they’re poisonous, you actually can’t eat them.

Man, there are a lot of these type of things. I want to eat fish now. Toma-kun of Tsushima, please send me some! (laughs)

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


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