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2015.01.07 AD - Enjoying your job = one’s calling.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"There is an ironclad rule that to continuously enjoy one’s job, no matter what job it is, means that it becomes one’s true calling."

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This is a quote from Japanese author Uno Chiyo-san’s book, School of Life.

Be it striving for a job that you love or randomly joining a company, no matter what the circumstances, if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t go far. This doesn’t just apply to work, but also to studying. From here on out, be it work or study, folks, isn’t it best to find a way of your own to enjoy it?

(laughs) Right? Man, but that’s true. For everything. Even if it’s tough, you’ve gotta do it. Right? If you run away from it, you can’t become a decent person! That’s how it is. (laughs)

But, well, as for me… There’s that. If I can’t see a break ahead, I can’t work hard. Mm. At times where I can’t see a break ahead, I’d still daydream about what I’d do when I have a break and work hard from that.

So… I’m sorry but for example, if I knew I had a 3-day break coming up… For example, if it were fishing, I’d immediately contact the ship’s captain to see if he was free. And then it’d depend on the weather. Then say the break was 3 days later, right. So in those 3 days before, it’d be work, right? Honestly, though of course I’d be enjoying my work, but for the time being I’d be checking the weather on my phone. The hourly weather report.

"Ah, isn’t the wind kinda strong?"

"Eh? But it was clear since yesterday. It’s become rainy instead of cloudy!"

"It’s changed! Crap! Ahh, if it’s windy…"

And then I’d contact the ship’s captain.

"Mm, but still, let’s see how it goes until the last minute." He’d say some soothing words like that.

"That’s true!"

"Can’t panic about these things. You never know, the weather can change all of a sudden."

"That’s true."

And then, the night before…

"Tomorrow’s cancelled."


But it can’t be helped, right? But well, it doesn’t change the fact that I’d have the days off. So from there, I’d be like, 'What should I do? Umm…'. That sort of thing.

Last year, that often happened, I guess. "The wind’s strong. Weather’s good, though."

Man, that’s why the tricky thing about fishing is the wind. Even if there’s no wind, it could be raining. But it totally doesn’t matter, you can still get the boat out. Since there’s no wind. But it really puts a damper on things! Seriously. (laughs) Even if you have a meal, you’d get wet. Like you couldn’t drink out of a cup. The boat I normally go on doesn’t have any cabins. There’s no shelter. So well, that’s what makes it interesing. Mm.

But well, there’s all sorts of circumstances out there. Yeah. Let’s enjoy our work!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 

credit: OhnoDiscovery@tumblr 


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