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2015.01.27 AD - Leaders deal in hope.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"A leader is a dealer in hope."[1]

[BGM ‘Hero’]

That was so unique that you couldn’t tell, huh? In any case, I was speaking English.

This was a quote by French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte-san. Translated into Japanese, it means that a leader is someone who delivers hope.

Ohh. This was sent in by listener Yuuko-san. The message reads:
"I watched the New Year’s Day ‘Arashi ni Shiyagare’. The leader party was really great. Ohno-kun, as expected, you were the one to prepare the sea bream. TOKIO’s Joshima-kun and NEWS’ Koyama-kun shared the same opinions, didn’t they? I was surprised to learn that V6’s Sakamoto-kun was once working as a salaryman before returning to Johnnys’. The part where Koyama received the commemorative photo and cried was kind of heartrending. It’d be great if you could have another leader party, wouldn’t it?”

Ahh, we had that. I was surprised. I really went there without a script. And then I was really surprised that seniors and a junior from the same agency were there. That was the first time I’d got together with those four.

Well, we talked about all sorts of things. Like, I couldn’t help thinking it’d be nice to get together in private as well. Mm. That location shoot took about 3 hours, I think. At first I thought it was to be about 2 hours. I was just listening to my seniors the whole time. Koyama-kun, too, he was like, "That was incredibly fun".

Man, the two of us juniors were just listening since our seniors’ conversation was so interesting.

And we sang a song, too. The fact that everyone knew Arashi’s ‘Hero’ made me really happy. I was surprised! Mm. That was a invaluable experience. Mm.

Well, yeah. There are groups without leaders as well, right? Like Kanjani∞ doesn’t. TOKIO and Arashi were appointed leaders by janken, thanks to Shounentai.

But amongst that, there are groups that don’t have leaders but it’d be fun if everyone had one. There are still so many groups. I think everyone should just decide on one. Just decide on one! Leaders have tough times, too!

Like the final greetings and all, I get really stuck on those! Like after the four have done their greetings and all, what should I say? They’ve basically said it all. That sort of thing. (laughs)

It’s better when you have a leader!

But on the other hand, those junior groups without leaders… I should just say, "Janken for it! The one who wins is it!" (laughs)

I want to try saying that! (laughs) Maybe one day if a junior group comes to an Arashi show. I’d like them to decide on it then. At that time, they’d have no choice. The winner will be the leader.

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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