Sunday, January 04, 2015

[Radio] ARASHI DISCOVERY del 01Ene15 con Ohno Satoshi

Happy New Year! This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s the first thought of the day this year; come on!

(in English) “New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday.”[1]

[BGM ‘Zero-G’]

(laughs) Naturally, you’ve gotta get your pronunciation right on New Year’s Day, I figure. I’m getting better at English, after all. I figure it’d be bad if I don’t get better at it, so let’s just do a reset. Yeah.

Can’t go forgetting your initial resolutions, right? (in English) 'Every man's…'Terrible, huh? 

This is a quote by the English essayist, Charles Lamb-san. Translated, it means that the first day of the new year is everyone’s birthday. 

New Year’s Day… It’s like you can reset anything on New Year’s Day, huh? That’s what it feels like. Up until yesterday, we were a little pessimistic. About this and that and the other. So reset it all and be positive. Let’s start on everyone’s birthday, 1st January 2015! (applauds) 

Right, so on that note. So once more, happy new year! Asking your favour this year as well! Man, well, it’s already the 1st of January. What are you all doing? I wonder what we’re up to? 

The New Year’s Day sunrise? It’s right about time for the first sunrise of the new year, right? Honestly, I’m… at home right now… At home, sound asleep, I think. Kouhaku’s already ended, right? So we’d have had our meeting and then, uh, the 5 of us, together with our managers, would have gone for a meal. 

Um, um, we’d have gone to a shrine to pay respects and generally reached home by about 5AM. And then from there, last year I probably crashed just like that.[2] So this year is also kinda like that. Right now, he’s sound asleep, Satoshi is. No time for the first sunrise of the year. Satoshi’s asleep right now. And he’ll probably sleep til noon. 

But! (laughs) I have 1st January off. And I’ll probably wake at noon. I don’t have choreographing to do like last year, either. So I think I’ll be drinking to my heart’s delight. (laughs) 

Man, I’m sorry but I think Satoshi’s gonna be sleeping and waking up and drinking and sleeping some more. (laughs) 

But it’s 2015. That’s right… For me, I’m not particularly thinking of anything for January. I’m a slow starter. Mm.

Even so, in any case, I’ll have a carefree January. That’s my resolution this year. But I’d like to go fishing. I’ll go sometime mid-January. I’ve decided. But mostly, most probably, it’ll be banquets more than fishing. (laughs) 

So yeah, I think I’ll have a carefree January. Everyone else should, too, for the time being. Take care not to catch a cold. It’s cold. Yeah. Please have a wonderful 1st of January!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 
Credit: Ohno Discovery@tumblr


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