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[Radio] ARASHI DISCOVERY del 02Ene15

[BGM ‘Lucky Man’] 

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Every Friday I respond to the messages received on this show.

This morning, we’ve received a lot of messages on this topic. From Haruka-san:
"Satoshi-kun, previously you talked about white hairs, and I’ve got one, too! It’s on my right arm, around the upper part. It’s a whitish, goldish hair about 5cm long." (That’s pretty long!) “Naturally, I felt like plucking it, but since I’ve heard it referred to as lucky hair, I couldn’t help wondering if I’d have luck if I pulled it out. One day, before I realised it, it had been pulled out. But no luck came. After resisting the urge to pull it out for so long!” (I understand!)“Satoshi-kun, wouldn’t you want to pluck it out?”

I would! But I wonder why they say if you pluck it, your luck would disappear. You just arbitrarily think that. It’s interesting how you’d still scrub it properly with a towel and all and it wouldn’t come off. It never comes off. It’s attached pretty firmly. Maybe I should pull it out…? Ah, but I don’t dare to!

Ah, but there’s another one. From En-san of Tokyo. 
"I’m growing one now, too. On my right cheek, across from my mouth, it’s about 3cm long. Apparently it’s called a ‘treasure hair’ or a ‘lucky hair’ and if it grows, it means you’d be lucky or something. I don’t pluck it and I try to make it as inconspicuous as possible, and it’s clinging to my face."

How careful! So it seems everyone’s got them too. Lately, about half of all the messages received are about ‘treasure hair’, this white hair. Thank you very much for so many responses!

Seems like you can get them anywhere on your body. Mm. So I think it may go unnoticed. Do try looking for it! (laughs) 

We’ve got messages like this, too. From Ayako-san of Tokyo.
"Ohno-kun, good morning. Did you know that the white hair has been captured in a drama?" (…That’s what it says.) “It’s in the night drama 'Uta no Oniisan', in the first episode. It’s in the scene when you realised that you mistook the interview location and muttered, "I was mistaken!", in that close-up. And also in the same first episode, in the close-up in the deserted live house where your band used to perform. It’s on the left side of your chin. It’s captured your white hair perfectly! I occasionally grow white hairs in the same place, so I noticed it when I watched the drama.”

We’ve got one from Light-san, too.
"It’s visible in the 2nd episode of 'Uta no Oniisan', in the close-up of the scene where you sing the song 'Omocha no chachacha'.”

Speaking of which… that’s really… It’s just a split second, right? That sort of thing… I have a photo of it here. It’s really captured there! They filmed it! 

So it really grows in the same spot! Ahh, there it is! I kinda want to see if it does it again… (laughs) 

So everyone really does have them! So folks, why not try looking in a mirror today and searching for it? It’s gotta be there somewhere. Mm. Man, it’s interesting. Well, but that’s the thing, right? Whether it brings luck or not. Still, folks, if you find one, it’s better to think that it’ll bring luck. Just arbitrarily thinking it is important. (laughs)

Yeah, thank you very much!

Next, from Ohyoshi-san.
"Satoshi-san, good morning. Ohno-kun, on the first shrine visit of the New Year, do you draw o-mikuji? My family does it every year and the o-mikujiof my family have really high hurdles.” (Eh?) “For some reason, even though my family name is written ‘大吉’ (daikichi / excellent luck), it’s read as ‘Ohyoshi’.” (I see.) “My family is the sort where if we get any o-mikuji that are anything other than ‘excellent luck’, we feel like we’ve lost! (laughs) Like when anyone else gets ‘excellent luck’… 'Despite being an Ohyoshi! 'Slightly good luck'? How lame!' That’s the sort of privilege we’re assigned. Those who ‘lose’ feel depressed. Words can’t express it. Um, by the way, last year, in my family of 6, 4 of us got ‘excellent luck’ and 2 of us got other things. I’m currently nervous for the o-mikuji for the coming year, I’m so on edge. Please give me a message of encouragement.”

The message was written last year, so it’s already… You’ve already drawn it! On that note, I’d like to hear the result. 

It’s not particularly… (laughs) It’s fine! That’s true, there’s nothing better than ‘excellent luck’, is there? Ah, it’d be better if it (my encouragement) came today, right, on the other hand? If you didn’t have any luck. And you’d be depressed. 

But isn’t that amazing? That 4 of you got ‘excellent luck’, that’s incredible! So you do have it! All of you.

Naturally, that sort of thing comes when you’re aware of it. But like…! You could just… not draw o-mikuji(laughs) Man, this is… I wonder how it is this year? Out of the 6 in the family.

[BGM ‘Imaging Crazy’] 

Since you’ve come so far, I’d like to hear whether you get it in the future. Man, that’s pretty rare! I don’t know whether it’s possible, but it’d be great if 6 out of 6 of you could get ‘excellent luck’! I don’t know how many years that’d take, though! (laughs) Please report to us! 

So on that note! This year, too, the weekly Friday messages have been answered. I’ll be awaiting your mail. The address is I’ll be waiting for you to send me lots of messages.

See you next week; this was Ohno Satoshi!

Credit: Ohno Discovery@tumblr


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