Sunday, January 04, 2015

[Radio] ARASHI DISCOVERY del 05Ene2015

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"Alcohol is poetry’s fishing hook."[1]

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Ohh, that’s an interesting phrase. ‘Poetry/詩’ is written with the radicals 言 and 寺. It’s the word for ‘poem’. This means that by drinking alcohol, one reaches a very relaxed state and will be struck with better inspiration for poetry and songs. 

In the past, during China’s Tang Dynasty, the three hailed as great poets -Li Bai (李白)Du Fu (杜甫) and Bai Letian (白樂天) - were, as a group, heavy drinkers, which is apparently how this phrase came to be.

Ahh. This was sent in by listener Lalala-san. The message reads:
"Ohno-kun, good morning. My job involves performing a certain musical instrument. One day, just before a performance, I figured that I should objectively watch myself performing, so I performed in a fairly drunk condition and recorded it on video. The next day, when I watched the video, despite the fact that I was completely drunk at the time, the performance was far more dramatic than usual; it was great! I was a little shocked. Previously, Ohno-kun mentioned that you don’t paint after drinking. From watching the Hawaii footage, I know that fishing is something you can do while drunk, but what about dance? Please be careful about drinking too much, though!"

Thank you very much, seriously. 

Um, for painting, it’s pretty detailed work, so when you’re drunk it gets really imprecise and I hate that. Like straight lines and all, even if you intend to focus when you’re drunk, they end up all wonky, right? So I hate that. Once, when I was doing sculptures, I was making a hat and I was incredibly drunk when I made it. I fell asleep just like that and the next day when I saw it, I had absolutely no memory of it. It was so hideous that I was like, "The heck is this??" So I figured that really wouldn’t do. 

Man, well… for dance? Well, for dance… Well, I can still dance. That is to say, in the past, I often… no matter how much I drank, once I got home, for about an hour, I’d have the heating on and I’d dance furiously. Now that(laughs) would make the alcohol wear off. Probably from exerting physical strength? I don’t think it’s good for your body, though. But no matter how much I drank, when I got home, I just had to do that. I was sure a stoic Satoshi back then. Mm. (laughs) 

But well, it’s not good for you. So Lalala-san, occasionally getting drunk and performing may be unexpectedly great, but if you do that every single time, you’ll eventually get worn out. It’s not good for you. 

Mm. But well, it’s good. It’s an experience, right? It’s just 5th January so it’s still fine to drink, right? I’m probably (laughs) still drinking right now, aren’t I?(laughs) 

Ah, today’s the day for exchanging New Year’s greetings. You should be avoiding alcohol, right, folks? Mm. So it’s about time. It’s like this year’s really kicking off to a start. So like, you have all that gloom and anxiety and all sorts of feelings mixed together and you drink on top of that… Isn’t that the 5th of January?

Yeah. So drink in moderation!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 

Credit: Ohno Discovery@tumblr


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