Tuesday, January 27, 2015


15.01.26 AD - Riot of cherry blossoms.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"Riot of cherry blossoms (ouka ranman).”[1]

[BGM ‘Sakura’]

The word ‘ouka’ is written with the words for ‘cherry blossom’. This means when cherry blossoms are in full bloom; a four-word phrase to describe when they’re beautifully blooming in profusion.

This was sent in by listener Rie-san. The message reads:
"Good morning. I was surprised to learn of the new song ‘Sakura’ going on sale. When I heard the news of the new song’s release, I had an image of cherry blossoms in bloom. It’s the first time you’re doing the theme song for a drama which doesn’t feature an Arashi member, isn’t it? It’s amazing. I’m so happy. What sort of song is it? If you don’t mind, please tell us about it."

I see. Well, um…

That’s right, honestly, this is the theme song for Ikuta Toma’s drama, Ouroboros - Kono Ai Koso, Seigi(This love is justice)’. Well, the drama has a hidden side and a surface side to it, and that makes up the contents of it. This time, the song ‘Sakura’ also, um… It’s a little mysterious and it’s also quite danceable. It’s got quite a momentum to it.

Personally, like the intro has got an orchestral sound to it, so I think it’s kinda like ‘Believe’. That’s just my own arbitrary interpretation, though.

But it’s good; it’s good, right? It’s our first release of this year. Yeah. The release date is 25th February. ‘Sakura’. Yeah.

Toma… Toma’s busy, huh? (laughs) When I hear of Toma… We did that together. That’s right, we did the drama ‘Maou’ before. With Toma. We don’t meet in private, though. I know his contact details, though.

I often just change my phone all of a sudden, right? And like, Toma occasionally comes on ‘VS Arashi’ and so on. And then he’d suddenly come into the green room and be like, "Morning!" to everyone. "Oh… Please treat me favourably today."

Then he’d sidle up to me, like always and be like, "Ah, Oh-chan. You’ve changed your phone, right?"

"Ahh, I did, I did."

"Why didn’t you tell me??"

"Sorry! I just changed it all of a sudden."

And that’s how the exchange went. (laughs)

I can definitely say… Well, it’s kinda… Some day I’d like to have a meal with him. Well, I’d like him to work hard on his drama, firstly. Once he’s settled down with the drama, let’s get in touch.

I’ll watch 'Ouroboros' as much as I can! (laughs) I’m watching it! It’s pretty enjoyable. Yeah. Toma, do your best!

Right, so this new song ‘Sakura’ is going to air for the first time on this show! So over to you on the phone today! Introduction in 21 seconds! Give the song a good introduction, please!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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