Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[Translation] Arashi Discovery 13Jan15 with Ohno Satoshi

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2015.01.13 AD - Can’t know all the things.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"It is impossible to know everything at once. Once the snow melts, you’ll see."[1]


Oh. That’s a great quote. Certainly.
This is a quote by the German literary master, Goethe-san. If you were to suddenly know everything, you still couldn’t hurry understanding. You could only gradually come to understand things. That’s right. There’s no good in rushing things.

This was sent in by listener Yukinko-san. The message reads:
"My name has ‘Yuki’ in it so I like snow. But ever since I became a worker at my company, lots of obstacles have come up at work and I’m in complicated mental state. Ohno-kun, please tell us a snow-related anecdote."

That’s right. Snow is something that makes me think, "Ahh…" (disappointed sound). It’s a sign of having become an adult. (laughs)

And to think I loved snow as a kid. Like when snow falls - "It’s slippery," "It’s dangerous," "Trains’ll stop," "This sucks," - That’s just hopeless! Just when did I turn into such an adult?

But well, (laughs) there’s all sorts of things.

Speaking of snow, what would that be? There are quite a few snow-related episodes I’ve mentioned. But when there’s snow when I’m fishing… that’s fine. Black rockfish and stuff, they’re funny. When it snows, they wait with their mouths open just above the surface. They mistake the snow for food. So they’d come gaping at the surface of the water. And then if you just lower your equipment you can catch them immediately. I’ve done that before. That was fun. It was freakin’ cold, though. (laughs)

And then what else? That’s right, and then the other day, it was snowing in Nagoya. During the concert tour last year. When we were performing in Nagoya. When I woke up in the hotel and opened the curtains, I thought it was dust or something at first. Then when I looked more closely, it was snow.

In terms of the season, I wouldn’t have thought it’d snow at that time. So it snowed out of the blue. I was surprised. Like the snow had just suddenly fallen. Yeah. (laughs) Man, I really thought that. Didn’t it snow really suddenly? Mm.

When I was in elementary school, like, when I woke up…

"Satoshi, it snowed."

 Then I’d open up the curtains and it’d be pure white all around."Yay!"

Now where has that innocence gone? Seriously. When did I lose that? It was probably during my Junior days. I’ve mentioned it before, but the trains had stopped due to the snow. They weren’t moving. I walked back from about 4 stations away. It was probably from then. "What! All because of the snow!"

Yeah. So folks, it can’t be helped. There are all sorts of problems out there. Yeah. But let’s think of the ways you can have fun in the snow. From now on. Yeah, if you have ways to have fun with snow, please share them!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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