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[Translation] ARASHI DISCOVERY 29dec14 with Ohno Satoshi

Credit: Ohno Discovery

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"From a senior, consider their wisdom. From a junior, consider their intuition."[1]

[BGM ‘Imaging Crazy’]

This is an European saying. It’s a good saying, isn’t it? This was sent in by listener Yoshimi-san. The message reads:
"Ohno-kun, good morning. In the ‘Monthly The Television’ interview, it mentioned the 5 of you going to TOKIO’s concert. Ohno-kun said,"Speaking of which, I wanted to see Matsu-nii dance. In the past, TOKIO had a dance corner. Everyone in TOKIO’s good at dancing." I was a little surprised to read that. So everyone in TOKIO dances. I’ve never seen that before. What’s Matsuoka-kun’s dancing like?”

I see. 

That’s right, nobody knows about this, do they? Man, for me, TOKIO’s firstBudokan concert, that was the first job I did when I entered the agency. So at that time I danced, too. 

Or rather, in the past, they danced a heckuva lot. They came fresh from being the back-dancers for Shonentai, so they danced a heckuva lot, the 5 of them. (laughs) 

So back-dancing for Shonentai meant jazz dancing. It was really intense dancing. In the past they’d often have a whole lot of videos in the green room. If you watched any of them, they’d generally all have TOKIO as the back-dancers. And the acrobatics weren’t half bad either. Matsu-nii’s rondarts and backflips were really high. Mm. Yamaguchi-kun also actively did a ton of backflips and backward somersaults. I mean, the first time when I did TOKIO’s Budokan concerts, they were doing all those with such ease. Yeah. I saw that Taichi-kun was behind Higashiyama-san and was being filmed the whole time.

Man, it’s like, I wonder why they became a band? (laughs) I mean, during TOKIO’s 10th anniversary concerts, when the 5 of us in Arashi went to watch it, they really danced an incredible lot. They’ve probably never danced before, have they? So at that time, it was like, "Man, they can really dance." The 5 of us in Arashi saw that. I guess naturally, all Johnnys really dance. (laughs) But man, it was incredible. Mm. So, well, they’ve already debuted as a band and you’d think they don’t particularly need to dance. But before they debuted, they were naturally incredible. Man, I guess everyone really does dance.

A TOKIO and Arashi dance collaboration?

Well, already… Arashi’s already… Arashi still dances, but I guess we don’t have that youthfulness any more! (laughs) It’d be interesting, though. If we suddenly had a dance collaboration or something. Well, everyone would have muscle pains the next day. TOKIO, that is!

It could be possible one day, for all you know! Do look forward to it!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi! 


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