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2015.02.06 AD - Of shooing with Satoshi.

[BGM ‘Imaging Crazy’]

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.

Every Friday I respond to the messages received on this show.

First up is one from Asako-chan of Tokyo.
"Satoshi-kun, good morning. For Satoshi-kun who has been saying he wants to learn English, please read this."

It’s written in hiragana'Gera-ra hi-e…?'
'Gera-ra hie!… Gera-ra hie!' Oh!
"What you said just now was how they say, ‘Get outta here’ in western dramas, in a cool way."
No no no! (laughs) I just said it just now.
"I can generally tell between someone who can become bilingual and someone who can’t by the way they speak Japanese, and Satoshi-kun is someone who can! Really! So please try doing so, starting from today onwards."
Get outta here! …That was kinda cool.
"I’ll send you another one next time. Adios!"

That’s cool. But you don’t really say ‘get outta here’, do you? Although I kinda get how they say it. Like, 'Get outta here!!' (laughs) Like, leave this place! That person’s amazing, huh?

I know another one. Um, 'uri-uri'. If you just simply say it… 'uriuri' - it sounds like ‘really’. 'Uriuri' - just simply say it.

Someone taught me this one, too. These methods of remembering them are great. Right, so I’ll remember ‘get outta here’ and try using it once. I’ll order room service… (laughs) And with a huge grin, I’ll say, "Get outta here!"

Wonder how they’d react if I said that? Of course I won’t say that. (laughs)But this method of remembering is great. I’d like you to send me more. I’d have fun remembering them that way. Asako-chan, I’m counting on you!

Next, from Nana-chan.
"Oh-chan, good morning. I’m now a 3rd year high school student. Previously, I went with two friends to a restaurant and three boys of around the same age started talking to us. They were pretty insistent. When they asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?" and I replied, "I do," they asked, "So what’s his name?"
On the spur of the moment, I thought of Oh-chan and replied, "Satoshi-kun,"and so managed to get rid of the boys. I’m sorry for arbitrarily using Oh-chan’s name, but it was thanks to it that we were saved.”

That’s funny. Boys these days are funny. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "I do."They could’ve just replied, "Ah, I see." 

"What’s his name?" (laughs) Why did they ask that?? Were they trying to test you? The fact that you replied ‘Satoshi-kun’ straight away must’ve been like, "Oh, so there really is one!"

Man, good thing… That you didn’t say ‘Ohno Satoshi-kun’! (laughs) Not that it would’ve mattered if you did. (laughs) But they were persistent, weren’t they? Mm. It was a good thing that you did. So this stuff happens. Like whether you really have one or not.

It’s fine, Nana-chan. Next time that happens, it’s fine to use my name - ‘Satoshi-kun’. And if they ask you, "What kind of guy is he?" "Well, he’s… a plain kinda guy." You can say that. (laughs)

[BGM ‘hit the floor’]

That’s right. That’s right, Nana-chan, here’s where you use that!
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"I do."
"What’s his name?"
"Satoshi-kun. Get outta here!"

They’d think you’re scary and you’d immediately get rid of them. That sort of turn of events would be good.

Next, one from Anonymous Hope-san.
"This is my 10-year-old daughter’s first dream of the year. She told me from inside her futon right after she woke up early one morning, "Mum, I just had a sumo match with Hakuho and I won!” What an incredible first dream of the year, huh? I had a great laugh so early in the new year. Ohno-kun, what sort of first dream of the year have you had?”

As you’d expect of a first dream! I totally can’t remember my first dream of the year at all. I probably… didn’t dream.

But next year I wanna dream something that’s a good omen! For next year’s first dream… I’ll concentrate harder. (laughs)

Next, from Yuku-Yuku-san.
"I always enjoy listening to your radio show. The other day, I happened to chance upon you saying on TV that you’d created verses before. Was that for 'Oretachi no Song'? Or was that something else? Please tell us. It’s been bothering me so much I couldn’t sleep.”

That bad?

Well, that’s true, I also did the verses for 'Oretachi no Song', speaking of which. But the one I did the verses for was for something other than'Oretachi no Song'. Like, what was it again? Something like, "Right, here goes!" (laughs) Like at the start of a show. Something like that.

Man, it’s embarrassing so let’s stop here. Please sleep soundly at night now!

And so with that, the weekly Friday messages have been answered. I’ll be awaiting your mail. The address is I’ll be waiting for you to send me lots of messages.

See you next week; this was Ohno Satoshi!


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