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Translation to English thanks to OhnoDiscovery@tumblr

2015.02.09 AD - Fun is good for your tum.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!
"All things fun are good for your tummy."[1]

[BGM ‘Sakura’]

This is a quote by a character that appeared in the popular Scandinavian anime, MoominMoominmamma.

I did it according to my impression of it. There are people whose stomachs hurt when they’re not enjoying something or when they’re worried. So everything fun is good.

This was sent in by listener Kana-san. The message reads:
"My first dream of the year was gathering together with Arashi to have a dinner party. That was a pretty fun dream and I felt really happy. For some reason it feels like this year will be a good one. Ohno-kun, have you had your first dream of the year? I hope you have a wonderful year."

Thank you very much. First dream, huh? I don’t think I had one. I talked about this last week as well, but I didn’t have one. Mm.

Speaking of which, there’s something wonderfully fun. I mentioned it previously - the huge dog painting.

I’ve finished it! (cheers and applauds) Yay!

I said there was just a little to go. I said that, didn’t I? Um, I shaded it off in black. So I did a little of that and then I was thinking of adding a bit of colour. Yellow or blue, adding it to the other parts.

'What should it be? Red?' I thought. I searched for a red. And only the red paint had run out. 'Eh? What?!' I thought.

So I went to buy some. (laughs) And then there was a great red. Then I came back and once I got drawing, I immediately finished it. Personally, I was like, 'Ah, it's already over.'

Naturally, once I focus, I start wanting to draw all sorts of things. But in terms of this painting, um, I didn’t want it to be perfectly completed. For the good bits, that good parts would emerge. For the rest, as long as it had a good style to it, that was fine, I thought. So I was like whoosh! - I kinda coolly swirled my arm around. Then I stepped back and looked from a distance. I kinda wanted to do more for the other bits! But I was like, 'No, it's done!' And it was completed.

But well, it was the first time I drew a dog and it was interesting. Like, it was just my own arbitrary impression of it but it became a dog that was worn out from playing. So it’s kinda worn out from playing to the point where it even has scratches on it. That’s what the red bits become. It was kinda fun. It kinda turned out well.

Recently, I’ve thought, 'But even incomplete it looks fine, too.' That’s like it’s completed. I just said something kinda artsy, didn’t I?

But well, it was really fun. Once one’s finished, the next one… I kinda want to make sculptures. I’ve been thinking that since I was drawing. I mentioned it before, right? I have striped beakfish teeth. I kinda want to make an interesting sculpture with that. Yeah. So next time I’m going to buy some clay.

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


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